Bring Potential Customers Back To Your Site With Retargeting

27 July 2017| Post by Adam4 minutes


The majority of first time visitors to your site will likely be researching your product or service, meaning the chances of conversion are slim at best.

There’s nothing more annoying than when a user finds your site, pokes around a bit, then leaves. So it’s natural that you’d want to specifically target that group of people, bring them back to your site using ads, and hope that they actually convert this time around.

Yet, isn’t that what most of us avoid? Pushy, mistimed adverts whilst browsing the web… Sure we do, but if retargeting is done correctly, by using useful, relevant ads with precision timing, they can help facilitate that customer journey by ensuring the user is ready to buy and more importantly that your company is the one they choose to buy from.


A recent study showed that 92% of your websites new visitors aren’t ready to buy. Now, considering all the time and effort you put into actually getting users to click on your website, not to mention the money involved, that’s a tad frustrating…isn’t it?

Depending on the type of business you run, the ads you use to attract potential customer and the ‘thing’ you’re selling, there’s many reasons as to why people don’t convert on your site. In most cases, those reasons come down to three basic issues;

They have that niggling feeling of uncertainty that just won’t go away

One of the main reasons first time visitors to your site don’t convert is due to some kind of unresolved concern. You know the feeling, when you get to an online checkout and see the price for delivery (no thanks!). Or having to sign up to something before you can get the thing you actually wanted… “I did not sign up for this… literally”.

A way to combat customer hesitation is a tactical retargeting campaign.. of course it is, that’s why you’re here. The audience you are retargeting already knows who you are, so there’s no sense in showing them generic, introductory ads. Remember, these people were on your site, but they didn’t follow through with a purchase. Use this as an opportunity to address their hesitations and convince them to come back and convert.

hubspot retargeting

HubSpot were able to execute this tactic flawlessly in the advert above. Rather than plastering their big orange logo that we’ve all seen numerous times, they used imagery and written copy to address a common objection. They understand that one of the main hesitations users have when considering whether or not to buy their CRM tool is because they are concerned that it will take ages to set up. HubSpot manages to squash these concerns immediately and effectively at that.

They think they can get a better deal

Potential customers always think they can find it cheaper somewhere else, we all do it… and rightly so, nobody wants to be ripped off. After all, if you’re not selling a completely unique, one-of-a-kind product or service, you’re practically competing with the internet.

As a consumer, it’s very easy to compare prices online, so if the price tends to be a sticking point for your potential customers, offering discount in your retargeting ads is a great way to nudge potential customer down your funnel.

They have multiple needs

Quite often, people don’t convert because what you are offering is just a small piece in a much bigger puzzle. For example, they need an oil change but they also need their brakes checked, headlamps changed and possibly some new tyres while you’re at it. Even if they like what you are selling, they need to purchase other aspects before pulling the trigger.

This is a tactic that many clothing companies employ, and to great effect. Looking for a dress? What about these shoes to go with it? As a matter of fact, look at this bag too. Not only does this resolve a customer concern, but they got a cheeky up sell in there too. Even if you don’t sell clothing, it’s a tactic that you too could employ. Creating a retargeting campaign that addresses the bigger picture your customer is struggling with and offering solutions, can help nudge them towards conversion.

So, with all that in mind if you’re going to dip your toe into the realm of retargeting, you can’t simply just follow potential customers around with the same boring old ad and hope it works. Effective retargeting is more than just repeating yourself to potential customers.


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