Quant Accountants Goes Live!

14 March 2019| Post by Graham2 minutes


Beautiful UI, progressive software and user-friendly content: these are just a few of the ingredients in our latest website to go live. Say hello to Quant Accountants!

When we announced that we were working with Quant back in January, we had no idea how the project would turn out – but we knew it would be a good one. The exciting new financial startup had some great ideas, focusing on digital accountancy. Of course, we knew it was something we could completely get on board with. After all, digital is our thing.

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Designing and developing an online accountancy site

Turns out, the Quant Accountants project ended up being better than we ever imagined! Safe to say the client agrees. We all put our heads together to figure out how best to portray the fun, modern brand through design and came up with the colourful and fresh interface you see today. Our designer Adam worked on the project in Sketch, creating unique UI elements and crafting bespoke icons site-wide.

Overall, we’re massively impressed with how the website looks. There has already been some fantastic feedback! But that’s not all. Behind the interface, there’s been some clever development work too. We built the site on WordPress – it’s what we do best after all. As well as integrating with the accounting software itself, we developed an easy-to-use login portal and some user-friendly forms, too.

All the details add up

To top it all off, our writer Em brought life to the brand by filling in the website with some friendly, personality-driven content. The whole thing ties together really nicely and we can’t wait to see the results Quant is going to achieve!┬áIt was a really fun project to work on and the client was nothing but enthusiastic and supportive throughout.

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“The site itself looks great (far better than I imagined) but the way that the whole team were prepared to go the extra mile, including helping me with the content (which was brilliantly written) shows how much they care about their work. Thank-you to the whole team and I look forward to working with you again soon!”
Daniel Newman, Quant Accountants Founder


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