Product Marketing For a Not So Normal Bank Holiday

29 April 2020| Post by Niko4 minutes


Usually, we’d all be counting down the days to our next bank holiday.

Not only do we all check our calendars for this little extra holiday, but many online retail businesses also use this time to appeal to those that have big plans with their day off – adapting their marketing so their customers can find exactly what they need and sales can benefit from this public holiday.

Usually, around this time, we see our favourite shops plaster their homepage with bank holiday-related marketing in order to meet customer’s needs and provide the essentials for a great bank holiday.

With lockdown in full swing and social distancing advised, it begs the question of what products are going to be of focus this bank holiday. At this time of year, your attention is usually brought to products related to outdoor leisure, as well as getting together with family and friends – things that, at this moment, we’re all not able to do.

So, with the next bank holiday just around the corner (8th May, you’re welcome), we thought we’d share a few areas your business can promote this bank holiday in order to provide customers with a great day off despite the lockdown, as well as benefit from this time of usually increased spending.

Indoor Games

The weather is never reliable, even during this time of year. Your business can use your marketing to portray to your customers that their own home can be a source of entertainment and a maker of memories even on a lockdown bank holiday. Potential customers, especially those with families, will be visiting your online store to see what they can buy to fill the day with fun.

By finding some space on your homepage to market something like board games or essentials for indoor activities, you’re giving them a quick and simple solution that they can move straight to their basket.

If by chance the weather chooses to be kind, the same an go for garden furniture and equipment that people can use to transform their garden into a relaxing haven that allows them to forget all about the lockdown. Additionally, interlacing activities and ideas of what to do this bank holiday into your marketing is also a great way to entice users and showcase your products.

Loungewear and other ‘stay at home’ essentials

During a time where staying home is crucial,  we have seen many clothing brands use their homepage to market ranges of loungewear. Clothes made for comfort in mind, they’re the perfect accompaniment to a day at home. With more of us than ever being at home this bank holiday, other retailers would do well to bring particular attention to clothing and other products that allow for a relaxing day of doing nothing.

From Comfy clothes, candles, or even portable speakers – depending on the products your online store sells, make sure your homepage tells your customers that you are the go-to for all they need for a quiet bank holiday.


Self-care has been a reoccurring phrase during the lockdown, and it refers to all of us doing things that we love in order to keep ourselves mentally healthy as well as physically. Many online stores have been using this to focus a lot of their marketing; using the phrase and categorising a lot of their appropriate products in order to help their customers find exactly what they need to stay happy during isolation.

In terms of product marketing, the subjectivity of self-care means the list of products that you can focus on is endless. From beauty products, food, sportswear to homeware; it’s all about educating your customers about what it means for them, and how you are the go-to for everything they might need for a happy bank holiday.

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