Prepping your Ecommerce Site for Father’s Day

21 May 2020| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

Keeping on the ball with all major retail events is a great way to sustain sales and direct traffic

And as you may know, there are a lot of retail events that take place throughout the year which attract a lot of attention and yield a lot of financial gain for nearly every businesses out there – especially online.

The next big retail event coming up happens to be Father’s Day on the 21st of June! A day we dedicate to celebrating all the fathers and father figures in our lives, and we do so by sending them a nice card and showering them with gifts. In 2019, it was predicted that we would spend a whopping £834 million on Father’s Day, but a massive 60% would be through online shopping. And with this year’s Father’s Day taking place amongst lockdown and many of us staying at home, that will only increase.

With stats like these, it’s only wise that ecommerce sites prep for this family holiday so they can truly benefit from this time of increased spending. So, how can you make sure that your ecommerce site is ready?

Do your research

Each year, there are always those staple products that return to the focal point of marketing thanks to set traditions and event favourites. With this said, there are always those brand new products that make the cut as they are in trend or are being marketed as alternative products that draw in the customers looking for something different.

It’s always good to look at what is trending for this year to see if any of your products fit the bill or whether you can adapt your current marketing and products to accommodate to this retail event. Or, maybe it’s time to invest in some exclusive products to fully ensure that your business is reaping the benefits of this time.

Get Festive

Get into the Father’s Day spirit! Make your customers, old and new, aware that you are there to help them celebrate Father’s Day by applying themed, temporary designs to your homepage and marketing. This will let them know that they can extend their gift search to your site, increasing your chances for sales and traffic.

The layout of your homepage can be changed so there is more focus put on particular products to which you can apply CTA links to take users straight to the products. This helps funnels users and again, increases chances of sales.

Just to give your site that edge, your site could even implement exclusive and themed promotions and discounts that coincide with the event. This not only gives you a reason to churn out some effective marketing content but bring the bargain hunters rolling in.


In order to make sure that your customer’s know that you are an option to consider for their Father’s Day shopping, it takes strategic marketing. Whether your letting them know of your exclusive deals and offers through email marketing, or posting some Father’s Day related content via social media, or even crafting a top-notch landing page which guides new users searching for the perfect gift straight to your page, you need to amplify your business to make sure you’re heard amongst the masses.

Getting ready for Father’s Day could also include putting out blog content that can strategically get caught up in all the traffic whilst people search for that perfect gift. This is a great time to put out gift guides, top products and other Father’s Day content that will help SEO and direct traffic to your page.

Although a month away, we’ve already started to see some ecommerce sites sending out marketing and letting their customer’s know that they are ready for Father’s Day. Are you ready?

If you need help benefitting from times of increased online spending such as this one, contact Limely today to see what we can do for you. 


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