Preparing for ‘Freedom Day’

8 July 2021| Post by Molly3 minutes


Boris Johnson asks, if not now, when?

It’s been viral on Twitter (and around the globe) for the past year. The PM’s announcement’s have become a regular sit-down-with-a-brew thing. It’s what we’re all talking and thinking about: Covid. And now it looks like we’re coming to the other end of it.

At 5pm on July 5th, the Prime Minister announced that all Covid-19 restrictions are to be dropped on July 19th. The world is reopening due to the success of the vaccine rollout. It will no longer be a legal requirement to wear face coverings, but the Prime Minister states that he will still be wearing one ‘out of courtesy’. Public spaces like clubs and theatres will be reopening, and people will no longer have to keep socially distanced. After a long while of being locked inside, this ‘Freedom Day’ is very appealing. Yet, the Prime Minister suspects that Covid-19 cases will be rising by 50,000 per day leading up to July 19th. So, we’re excited, but wary.

Speaking of the Vaccine Rollout,

There are plenty of places you can grab your first dose of the vaccine in Chester. You have the choice of walk-ins, or, if you don’t like to live life on the edge (get some spontaneity in your life) then you can book an appointment, instead. This is all easily done through the website. You can ring up your GP or a pharmacy and ask them where the ‘hottest new place to get vaxxed’ is. Alternatively, pop-up vaccination centre’s have been appearing over Chester recently like a Whack a Mole; from the University of Chester to the Cathedral, these temporary walk-in centres have seemingly been everywhere. So you can book or not, whatever floats your boat.

See below for only a few places around Chester to get vaccinated. Refer to for more info.

Chester Racecourse

Pretty good place to grab your first jab. Scenic, Beautiful. What more could you ask for? You can grab your first or second dose at the vaccination centre at Chester Racecourse and go for a leisurely stroll along the river afterwards. How lovely.

Boots Pharmacy

You can grab your Moderna vaccine from Boots Pharmacy through a bookable appointment here. Treat yourself to a face mask afterwards or some bath salts. We love an excuse for self care.

Ellesmere Port Civic Hall

From 5-10 July, you can grab either dose of your vaccine from Ellesmere Port Civic Hall between 9-5.30.

Cheshire Oaks

Lastly, you can grab the vaccine (first or second dose) – from 9-10 July, between 10-4 – at Cheshire Oaks, just outside the Nike store. And what a convenient bit of advertising that is. In the words of Nike: Just Do It.

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