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20 July 2021| Post by Molly2 minutes


Limely welcome yet another client!

Yup, you heard right. We’re saying hello to Plastecowood, whose mission is to save plastic waste packaging that would otherwise be incinerated or thrown into a landfill and turn this into durable, practical products instead, such as benches, fence posts or bollards!

Limely is working with Plastecowood to vamp-up and improve their website.

But before we get into the nitty gritty of all that, let’s give you the lowdown on who Plastecowood are and how Limely are going to help.

Who are Plastecowood?

Plastecowood receives plastic waste from primarily household collections and reprocesses it to produce recycled plastic lumber. Cool, right? They call this jazzy line of products Smartawood.  Not only does Smartawood help the environment, but it is more cost-efficient and doesn’t need high maintenance due to its durability. It’s a win-win!

In 2019 alone, Plastecowood recycled the equivalent of over 20 million plastic containers and transformed this waste into Smartawood products. For every tonne of Smartawood™ products created, they save 700kg of carbon from landfills!

Plastecowood are doing an excellent job at saving the planet and we can’t wait to start showcasing their work to the world.

How Will Limely Help?

Limely will be working alongside Plastecowood to create a brand spanking new website. We’ll create features to showcase Plastecowood’s products, present case studies, and insert sector pages. As well as redesigning the site’s look, Limely will make sure the site runs more smoothly on a mobile.

Limely will introduce a dedicated enquiry form to the site, allowing customers to contact Plastecowood for personalised and bespoke designs. The website will be transformed into a lead generation website, giving consumers the means to view and learn more about Plastecowood’s products; ultimately encouraging maximum sales.

The site will be looking smart and swanky in no time. We can’t wait to get stuck in!

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