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1 February 2021| Post by Robbie2 minutes


And Limely just keep on hitting it out of the park! ⚾️

And by now, you shouldn’t expect anything less.

Yes, we’re boasting but, we have the right to! Especially when we’re celebrating the announcement of yet another new client. This time around, we’re welcoming in estate agency Paul Rolfe.

So, as the Limely tradition goes, we thought we’d informally introduce you to Paul Rolfe, alongside a small sneak peek into this exciting project!

Who is Paul Rolfe?

Paul Rolfe is a Scottish estate agents that pride themselves on providing a high-quality service for those looking to buy, rent, sell or let. With offices in both the town of Linlithgow and the city of Stirling, Paul Rolfe has a renowned reputation based upon their outstanding service, property knowledge and 40+ years of experience.

They are huge advocates of being with their clients every step of the way and using their talented agents to making their client’s property journey a smooth and easy one.

Paul Rolfe came to Limely looking for a complete overhaul of their current website so that their online space would rightly replicate their professionalism and arm them with the means to continue providing their clients with their 5* service.

What will Limely be doing?

Limely will be working alongside Paul Rolfe to create a whole new website; applying bespoke designs, development and making sure that their expertise shines through.

From pages displaying their Sales and Lettings, to informative About Us pages that allow Paul Rolfe’s unique standpoints to shine through, all pages typical of the property industry will be designed and developed with their branding and clients in mind.

As well as this, Limely will be creating and implementing some brand new features, all of which will help Paul Rolfe provide an unforgettable service that will increase leads and help maintain their evident, attentive care of client’s needs.

One of these features will include an Account Area which will allow clients to enter their own area via a unique username and password. This will give them access to their very own wishlist that helps keep track of their desired properties, and speed up the process when making first initial contact.

We cannot wait to get started on this project, be sure to keep an eye out for any updates!

If you’re an estate agent looking to stand out amongst the crowd with your website, contact Limely today!


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