Our Web Predictions for 2018: Tech, Design & Social Media

22 December 2017| Post by Robbie5 minutes


Cinemagraphics, AI API integration and 360 Instagram posts? These are a few of our favourite predictions for 2018. Keep reading to find out what else we’re expecting…

It’s that time when end-of-year lists are published by magazines and experts are giving their opinion on what 2018 is about to bring. We thought we’d get in on the action too! Realistically, there are three areas which we’d consider ourselves experts on in the world of web. These are tech, design and social media. So, it’d be wrong for us not to chip in, right? Here are our predictions for the next year.

Tech trends

AI API integration

It’s no secret that AI will be picking up the pace in 2018 – you’ve surely seen Sophia circulating the web by now. However, there won’t be lifelike robots walking around town just yet. It’s more likely that there will be smaller, more practical uses for AI in the very near future. We think you’ll be able to use AI devices to get content and products from your preferred website.


Okay, so this one is a bit boring and we’ve got a whole blog post that you can check out if you’re interested. However, the GDPR will be coming into effect in 2018 and it will affect ALL of us! We’ll be seeing changes in the way businesses manage databases and email marketing lists will be forced to make a significant shift.

Website push notifications

The death of the RSS feed has made way for something new on the horizon… push notifications. We all get them from mobile apps but we’re likely to see websites taking full advantage of them in the new year. Push notifications are a great way to stay up to date on your favourite blogs and news sites from your desktop.

Magento 2 … end of life for Magento 1

This one is pretty self-explanatory. 2018 will see the official end of life for Magento 1 and a big change-over to Magento 2 for e-commerce stores. Magento 2 is an optimized and much-improved platform so if you’re interested in upgrading your site, get in touch with us and we can help you with that.

Design trends

More depth perception design

A few years ago, we saw a big shift towards parallax design as a hot trend. However, as designers and developers get smarter with website imagery, we’re likely to see a whole load of more detailed, finely-tuned depth perception. Neat!

Increased use of Cinemagraphs

Of course, we all know that video content is king and 2018 will see a rise in the use of Cinemagraphs – a clever and subtle way to introduce animations into imagery on website designs. This gorgeous technique blends together the effect of a still image and a video to create a really impressive result. Check out some great examples here.

Death of adaptive design

Responsiveness is key for websites and anyone not taking advantage of this is sure to be left behind in 2017. However, many designers and developers use adaptive design which is slower to load and a lot less flexible than fluid responsive design. We’re hoping that design will all be fluid from now on!

Beautiful typography

More and more options become available for typography all the time. So, 2018 is sure to see a rise in stunning fonts and effective optimisation. We’re likely to see more designers using a combination of photography, art and design for their typography to create expressive results – check out this example from Unpigeon.

Reduction in big blocks of text

Chunky paragraphs are likely to become a thing of the past in the coming year. Alternatively, users will be spoon fed content through more creative means such as stunning typography as mentioned above.

Social media trends

Digital video and sponsored content will continue to rise

The content creator really took 2017 by storm. We don’t see this slowing down anytime soon. Yep, 2018 is likely to be full of even MORE sponsored content as brands realise the importance and potential of collaborating with online personalities through video.

Insta maps/360 to keep up with competition

Instagram rolled out plenty of new and exciting features this year and it’s going to be no different in 2018. Watch out for features to rival the competition. We’re predicting Insta maps, 360 posts and shoppable content.

Personalised ads increase

Digital marketing is about to get a whole lot more personal. You can expect to see many more ads on your Instagram and Facebook feeds tailored to you as an individual.

More eCommerce brands using Facebook Messenger

Many brands have already started using this but it’s definitely going to become more common in 2018. The ASOS Gift Assistant is a great example to combine live chat and the shopping experience itself. Not only will e-commerce brands be using this to their advantage but lifestyle and finance apps such as Plum have started using Messenger as the main point of contact with users.

Crackdown on Twitter bots

This is probably one that everyone will be greatly anticipating and we’ve already had confirmation from Twitter that controversy-fuelling bots will no longer be welcome on the microblogging platform. It’s safe to say they won’t be missed.

What’s your favourite prediction from our list? Have we missed any important ones? Let us know!


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