Our Top 5 Ecommerce Sites for Back to School Essentials

12 August 2020| Post by Szymon3 minutes


The Summer holidays are officially here!

They are definitely not the summer holidays we expected thanks to COVID, but that doesn’t mean students and teachers alike can’t kick back, relax and enjoy the (hopefully) nice weather.

However, no one can usually relax for long, as even at the beginning of August, we start to see BACK 2 SCHOOL marketing taking over most of our favourite shops and even online stores – well, especially online stores. Retailers will be quick to jump on the bandwagon; trying to be your go-to for all those important essentials as you combine the convenience of online shopping with ticking off your long checklist ready for September.

Although an important time with emotions running high for kiddies starting big school and teens taking their next step to University, it’s become one of the biggest events for retailers who race to take advantage of the guaranteed increased spending.

With back to school spending already in full swing, we thought we’d bring you our top 5 online stores that are really getting into the spirit, and that could give you some amazing bargains in this stressful time – especially if you happen to be still isolating at home.

Stationary ☑️


As well as being the place to be for stationary on the highstreet, Ryman’s products are available for order and click and collect online! Meaning all of your back to school stationery needs can be sorted without even leaving the house.

Uniforms ☑️

Tesco Online

Uniforms – one of the most popular Back to School products, and every one of our favourite supermarkets and retailers like Tesco sells them around this time both online and in-store. With ‘room to grow’ being a vital feature of new uniforms, they can easily be ordered offline, in bulk, ready for September.

Lunchboxes & Bags ☑️


As the times and trends change, as does the demand for different backpacks and lunchboxes. Going through pages and pages of different styles and sizes is made quick and easy when shopping online – two vital attributes for a successful Back 2 School shop. And where better to get the coolest back to school gear than Smiggle!

PE Kit ☑️

Sports Direct

Back to school also means back to PE! Whether you’re buying the next size up to adhere to growth spurts or stocking up for a brand new year at a brand new school, everything you need can be found online at Sports Direct and other sports retailers.

Tech ☑️


Back to school and back to university can call for some new tech! Around this time many sites, such as Argos put on ‘not to be missed’ deals in order to make finding those tech essentials a breeze.

Is your Back to School checklist all ticked off and ready to go?


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