Our Top 5 Amazon Picks for WFH Must-Haves

21 January 2021| Post by Robbie4 minutes


We all love a little browse on Amazon don’t we…

Stocking everything you could ever dream of, it’s very easy to get lost amongst their product pages. Especially with lockdown still in full swing and many of us working from home, it’s nice to treat yourself now and then and give yourself something to look forward to.

As well as your favourite retro sweets and the latest techy gadget, Amazon also stocks a number of bits that could help to make working from home an absolute breeze. But so you don’t procrastinate your day away trying to find the must-have ‘working from home’ picks, we thought we’d do it for you!

So, here our Limely’s top 5 Amazon picks for making working from home life that little bit more manageable.

1. Keep organised with a Desk Tidy 👈

There’s nothing worse than when you’re on a Zoom call and there’s some pretty important information being shared that you need to take a note of…and you can’t find a PEN. You could have sworn you just had it in your hand but no, it’s gotten lost amongst all the sweet wrappers, coffee mugs and other pens that have run out of ink.

Well, be frustrated no more with a desk tidy! A treat for the eyes and the for the mind, a stylish desk organiser will hold all your bits and pieces to help maintain your productivity and make for an organised workspace.

2. Avoid cold tea with this Mug Warmer 👈

How many times have you made yourself a brew to start a day and a mesh of meetings, urgent jobs and phone calls have meant that you’ve forgotten all about it?

By making sure you pop it on your mug warmer, you’ll never have to fear this again! Keeping your tea/coffee nice and hot, you can focus on getting your work done rather than popping on the kettle again.

3. Tackle back pain with a Massager 👈

A few blog posts back, we spoke about the importance of having an efficient workspace when working from home in order to avoid annoying back/neck pain. And with a massager, you can take that one step further!

With the ability to be strapped to the back of your office chair, you can sit back and crack on with your work whilst receiving a much needed to pamper. What a no brainer!

4. Correct posture with a Laptop Stand 👈

Speaking of an efficient workspace, if you happen to be working from a laptop, it’s positioning is vital for maintaining your posture. And a good posture is key for avoiding joint pain, especially in the back and neck. So, by placing it on an adjustable laptop stand, you’ll be able to sit up straight and get your work done without having to worry about potential aches and pains.

5. Stay on top of your to-do list with a Desk Whiteboard 👈

Although we’re used to not being in our usual work environment by now, being at home can come with a long list of distractions. So, in order to keep on top of your multiple to-do lists, keep them right under your nose with a desk whiteboard! It’s always satisfying ticking off a completed task, so just imagine how it feels to wipe it out of existence!

As well as being pretty cool, all of these gadgets also work towards amping up your productivity and your overall well-being whilst being stuck in these tricky circumstances. There are good days and bad days, but we’re all doing so well – go you! 🥳

If you’ve decided to pimp out your work station with any of these must-haves, let us know on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!


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