Our Monthly Round-Up: August

31 August 2019| Post by Niko3 minutes


August is over already? Oh dang.

It’s been yet another busy month here at Limely – one that’s been very client orientated. Even though we’ve barely had time to tear ourselves away from our computers, we thought we’d give you our usual update. So here’s what’s been happening in the month of August!

2nd August – Pingyo Sign Off Their Designs

After meetings, chats and at least 25 brews –  Pingyo and Limely have collaboratively finalised designs. Happy with the outcome, we’re excited to say that everything has been officially signed off and Pingyo is one step closer to their brand new look. Now all the I’s have been dotted and the T’s have been crossed, development can begin!

7th August – JPL Designs Begin!

Last month, we told you about JPL coming in and having a chat with the boffins at Limely to decipher what exactly their web building adventure was going to look like. Well, final decisions have been made, meaning designing can begin. This is the first step to JPL’s new site, and not to sound too eager, but we can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!

Shhh…. Here’s a little sneak peek

13th August – Legat Owen Meet Up

With Limely, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been a client of ours for 3 months or 3 days, like a friend, we’re going to be there for you (even when the rain starts to fall). Same goes for our old fav’s Legat Owen, who have been with Limely since we were a mere little pip, back in 2016.  A couple of weeks ago, Legat Owen popped into the Limely office for a chat, as the time has come to decide what the next steps are for their site. We strive for above and beyond here at Limely, and that’s exactly what we’re aiming for with Legat Owen.

20th August – Hart & Co Designs Begin!

Similar to JPL, we mentioned newcomers Hart & Co last month as they sat down for their very own discovery session to get all their ideas for their new site on the table. Well now, ideas have been finalised and the designing process is a go-go! We told you we’ve been busy.  👀

28th August – HMO Invest Choose Limely

Well hello, new client! Chester based property investors, HMO Invest have chosen Limely to rebrand their amazing company. HMO Invest are the property wizards of Chester, with the ability to transform even the most hopeless house into a home. With that said, they need a look that’s going to truly speak of their expertise. Enter Limely. 😏

30th August – Something New Is Coming

Do you feel that? Something is coming…

Limely’s currently working on something brand spanking new, and oh boy, we’re very excited. Stay tuned. 🌊

Well, till next time – Adios! 👋




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