Our Favourite Web Design Trends in 2021

16 September 2021| Post by Robbie3 minutes


Glassmorphism, Neumorphism, Skeuomorphism. Heard these whacky phrases been thrown around the web, recently? If not, you’ve definitely seen them in action.

2021 has been an incredible year for web design trends so without further ado, let’s sink our teeth into the hottest trends of the year.

‘Minimalistic design has become bigger recently with a lot of websites finally putting user experience at the forefront of priorities over being flashy.’

Designer Tom


Minimalism helps the content stand out instead of the interface.  The goal with minimalism is to make something clear, readable, but fashionably designed. The minimalistic approach is especially useful with content-heavy sites. You don’t want a site that requires a lot of reading to be too flashy and eventually distract from blog posts or the latest news on your business. It can be aesthetically pleasing too; giving that fresh, clean and serene vibe.

‘I really love the minimalistic design. From a readers perspective, content is so much easier to consume!’

Creative Writer Molly


Otherwise known as ‘soft UI’, Neumorphism is a visual style that combines background colours, shapes, gradients, highlights and shadows to ensure graphic-intense buttons and switches. It’s a new take on Skeuomorphism (another big word. Fancy, right?). Skeuomorphism is an interface design that mimics real-life; the bin on your desktop being a great example. Neumorphism combines both ‘flat’ and Skeuomorphic designs to create a neat and solid look. It falls directly in between Skeuomorphism and Neumorphism; noticing that the objects/images you see on-screen make sense and are familiar to you, however their look remains firmly in the virtual world. This craze is huge on Dribble and Instagram right now. Have a gander at a swanky sample below!

‘There’s two that I like at the minute. Glassmorphism and Neumorphism. Also, dark mode is the best!’

Developer Robbie


Brutalist web design comes from the famous style of architecture. In a similar way, it’s strong and blocky with harsh lines. It is prominent. It is structured. It is ugly … on purpose. Brutalism design breaks all the rules, using clashing colours and features that are strong and in-your-face. Clues in the name. It is brutal. You click on a site like this and you’re instantly smashed in the face by huge text, images, colours and movement, which is great for 2021, as our attention spans are quickly weaning. This style works well for artist portfolios, but if you’re designing a content-heavy site, it’s probably best to stay away from this one. The visuals could become too disorienting and distracting for readers who are simply there for the content!


Another big and swanky word for us to sink our teeth into. Glassmorphism imitates the look of frosted glass. The see-through concept presents a better understanding of structure. The transparency and blur allows us to understand where things are, without the blur things would be too visible and way too chaotic-looking. The blurred image gives subtle context to the page that’s not too in-your-face.

Dark Mode

Probably the most popular trend to come out of 2021 is the dark mode feature. It’s a lot kinder on the eyes and allows for more screen time. Not only is it extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it’s practical, too. Using strong, bright images on a darker backdrop helps the content to appear more prominent and really catches the eye of your readers.

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