Our Favourite Customised iOS14 Home Screens

23 September 2020| Post by Tom3 minutes


Thanks to the latest iPhone update that we mentioned not too long ago, #ios14homescreen is currently trending

And that is due to the wide range of customisable features that are now available.

In the past, we’ve only ever been able to move and sort our out apps into groups and categories. Apple then gave us a little bit more control when we were able to change our home screen background. The latest update has hit all of these features out of the park, as iPhone users have been revelling in the new customisable opportunities.

The main addition that Apple has introduced has been the ability to search and add widgets to your home screen. This enables users to reorganise their apps and make it so the home screen essentials have their own special place right there amongst the icons so you can access their services without having to access the platform. Many of us, for example, have opted to put the ‘clock’ feature or the ‘weather’ app centre stage, to make checking them even easier.


Some of us on the other hand, have taken these new customisable features and ran with them – tweaking, editing and using their creative prowess and sneaky shortcuts to make their home screens completely unique. Some have been taking to social media to show off their masterpieces, and we thought we’d show you some of the best ones we’ve seen!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Using the Shortcuts App and Apple’s new features, this user has truly brought Bikini Bottom to her phone’s home screen.

Autumnal vibes

Talk about aesthetic! Perfect for anyone that’s celebrating the recent change of the season.🍂

Animal Crossing in real life


A home screen suitable for any lover of the latest Animal Crossing game! This design perfectly mirrors the NookPhone that players use in the game; truly bringing the game to life.

Truly old school

Now, this is just a stroke of genius. Any long term user of Apple products will recognise these icons as some of the original ones from the older models. This is defintely a case of the old meeting the new.

Perfect pop art

This must have taken forever but, defnitely worth the time as this user has successfully transformed their home screen into a vintage comic book.

Have you had a crack at customising your home screen? Send us your attempts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – we’d love to see!


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