Our 5 Favourite Apps for Editing Photos

11 July 2019| Post by Adam4 minutes


Effectively utilising your business’ social media page calls for top-notch content.

But we can’t all afford state of the art photo editing software, nor do we have the time to sit through intensive courses on how to use them!

Well, now that is a worry of the past as some of the photo editing apps available are as good, or somewhat better, that well-known software. With business pages on social media becoming increasingly imperative, we have compiled a list of what we think are the best photo editing apps that can assist you with flawless content. Aren’t we nice 😇


VSCO is a free app that offers you basic photo editing features, such as brightness, exposure and contrast settings as well as a great range of filters and colour effects. As well as being a great place for editing, it also provides an online community which provides help and guidance on how to utilise the app and take the best pictures. It not only enables you to save your pictures to your camera roll but share them straight to your social media, as well as to other users of VSCO. It’s definitely a gooden.

2. Snapseed

Yet another great editing app, Snapseed gives you a fabulous array of editing tools and effects which will leave you with professional looking images no matter your level of experience. The possibilities are endless with Snapseed; with edits and brushes available to not only perfect your images but to alter them completely. You are able to remove parts of your image, as well as overlay filters and textures to conjure up the best pic for your feed.

Snapseed also allows the opportunity for you to edit portraits, meaning mugs can be touched up and made picture perfect. 💁‍♀️

3. Instagram

Good ol’ Instagram! The editing software found within this app is not too shabby at all. Thanks to recent updates, Instagram is no longer just about snazzy filters. You now have the option to adjust and alter your image with options to crop, straighten and brighten. As well as this, the features found on Instagram Stories provide a whole new level of photo editing, as any masterpiece not posted onto your story can be saved to your camera roll. This means you can utilise its tools to add text, gifs and other images to create great content for your page.

4. Foodie

We’re yet to meet one person who can resist taking a good picture of their food when they’re out in a swanky restaurant – our social media feeds are full of them! Also a culprit? Well, this free app is for you, as well as for local restaurants, cafes and food businesses who want to add some pizazz to their social media presence. Foodie is a photo editing app dedicated to perfecting the art of snapping food pics, enabling you to increase the levels of irresistibility. Foodie gives you basic editing tools similar to the likes of VSCO and Instagram, however, the options available have been specifically adhered to cater for your food snaps.

With features which help with alignment when getting that quintessential table top pic, lighting edits and colour altering options, it allows you to snap your food at it’s the best angle. (Not that it would have a bad one) 😋

5. Afterlight 2

For this one, you will have to dip into your wallet. BUT, for that extra couple of pounds you know you’ll be getting some top-notch photo editing software in the palm of your hand. With Afterlight 2, you get your usual filters, effects and editing tools but there is so much more! You are also able to apply dusty and textured effects, merge pictures and apply gradients and blends all whilst saving your actions to be easily applied to future images.

And when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Afterlight 2 allows you to insert your own texts and edits in order to create your own little project. Basically, Afterlight 2 consists of all the best features from our favourite apps; compressed into one nifty app with its own little extras – you can’t go wrong!

Downloading any of these apps will enable you to make your feed, whether for business or pleasure, attractive, enticing and let’s face it, cool. 😎

For business’ nowadays, an active social media presence is as important as ever, so producing engaging and impressive content is a sure fire way to turn viewers into customers.

If you’d like help in bettering your social media presence, Limely can help with that. Click here to contact us!


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