NW Security Group Choose Limely

5 November 2021| Post by Graham2 minutes


We’re starting the month off strong with the introduction of another new client!

We’re thrilled to be working with NW Security Group for our next upcoming project. They’re after a brand new website, and after giving the existing one a look over, cogs are already turning in our heads and we can’t wait to get our ideas out on paper (or, in this case, on screen).

Meet NW Security Group

So, you’re probably wondering, ‘who is this new client you speak of?’. And if you are – have you been living under a rock?!

NW Security Group are the UK’s leading providers of high performance security systems. They’ve been going since 2004, and within the first two years alone the business achieved growth of 225%, putting NW Systems on the map within UK’s security industry.

NW Security Group pride themselves in working closely with the best in-class tech partners and working collaboratively with customers, always putting customer satisfaction at the forefront of what they do. Their knowledgable team of engineers and technicians ensure maximum cybersecurity. NW Security Group are specialists in their field and are uniquely a mix of experienced IT and CCTV professionals.

What we’ll be doin’

Limely have been asked to do what we do best: build a killer website. Without the killing. CCTV are watching.

NW Security Group’s current site, to sugar coat it, has no purpose. Without any clear goals, the site seems aimless. So we’ve swooped in yet again to save the day. We’re putting together a lead generation website, creating where customers can get in touch, ask questions, and find the information they need right at their fingertips. This carefully constructed design will ultimately increase conversion rates for the website.

Additionally, we’ll implement a bespoke enquiry form to make it easier for users to get in touch with any specific queries they may have. With well thought-out CTA placement, the site will be streamlined to encourage leads and conversions.

The site will not only be efficient and purposeful, but our designers will be right on it with creating pages with a crisp, clean and non-cluttered aesthetic. We’ll have tidy, eye-catching images that will both entice users and make the site ultimately easy to manoeuvre.

We’re super excited to get started with this project. Watch this space for all updates!


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