National Geographic Promotes New Series With 90s Web Design

11 January 2019| Post by Robbie2 minutes


ICYMI… National Geographic gave their site a temporary makeover yesterday to promote a new series out this weekend.

Who doesn’t love a good 90s throwback? We certainly do. Especially when it involves our favourite thing: websites! This week, National Geographic gave their website a nostalgic 90s makeover to promote their latest series 😎

National Geographic’s temporary 90s website

Now, we certainly couldn’t live with 90s-style websites forever. But a temporary makeover is most definitely welcome, if not just to remind us how far we’ve come since then! Yesterday, National Geographic really did celebrate #ThrowbackThursday with their dial-up era site design. Here’s what the magazine company went for:

Times New Roman, bevel and emboss buttons, ugly frames – these are a few of our favourite 90s web design trends! Not. We don’t miss them, at all. But it’s pretty fun to remember when this sort of thing really was cutting-edge in our industry.

Promoting new series: Valley of the Boom

So, why exactly was this monstrosity (or beauty, however you look at it), thrust onto our screens on Thursday? Well, if you happened to visit the National Geographic website, you might have noticed the plastering of their new series all over the homepage. Valley of the Boom is the newest miniseries from the global discovery magazine. And if you’ve not taken a peek at National Geographic TV before, there’s plenty to sink your teeth into. But the latest from Nat Geo is a dive into ‘the lives of tech world figures’, focusing unsurprisingly on Silicon Valley. The first two episodes are currently available to watch here.


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