What Musicians Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

1 September 2017| Post by Adam4 minutes


Content marketing is more important than ever and reports say, it’s overtaking traditional advertising. We understand that it can be boring to read about marketing, so we thought we’d make it a bit more interesting.

Today we’re talking about content marketing… what it is, why it’s useful and who’s good at it. And no-one knows about pushing content and attracting large audiences more than the music industry. Keep reading to find out why Adele and Chance the Rapper are marketing geniuses.

What exactly is content marketing?

Well, we’re glad you asked. It’s quite simple really, but it can be easy to get lost in complicated definitions and information overload. Content marketing is simply the creation and sharing of original content, to promote interest in your company or brand. It’s basically like advertising what you do, without actually advertising what you do. Clever content marketing will prove to your potential audience that you’re knowledgeable on your industry. It will also give them a feel for your company’s personality, and if they’d like to work with you. But more than anything, the key is value. It’s all well and good pushing out content, but if what you’re offering isn’t valuable to an audience, your content marketing won’t be a success.

More and more people are reading blog posts and sharing content than ever, and there’s no more perfect way to generate leads for your business than engaging an audience online. If you want to know specifics about boosting your SEO through content marketing, we’ve covered it here. But for now, we thought we’d give you some fun examples of people who have nailed content marketing. Rather than bore you with corporate businesses, let’s talk music.

Taking a chance

Chance the Rapper has surged in popularity recently after his very public outburst about Soundcloud’s potential demise. The musician is known for his love of the streaming platform, attributing it to some of his earliest success.

He’s also known, perhaps more so amongst die-hard fans and hip-hop enthusiasts, for giving his music away for free. Chance prides himself on making a connection with his listeners, and he earns his money through merchandise and touring. The rapper’s merchandise is customisable so that fans can put their own flair on his branding. This is a brilliant marketing tool; it makes buying merch much more personable for fans, and they’re much more likely to buy. In turn, this creates, even more, exposure for the ‘Chance the Rapper’ brand.

Like we mentioned earlier, Chance is highly active on social media. This gives his audience constant insight into his life, his thoughts, and his music. Essentially, his fans are his biggest marketing tool. Keeping social media up-to-date constantly reminds users that you exist and your products exist.

On the house

A lesson we can learn from the artist is that free is key. Potential customers – listeners, readers, whatever – have more incentive to access your content or products if they’re free, due to the low risk. Of course, what you can give away will depend on the nature of your business. If you can’t really offer your core products or services for free, then find other ways to draw in potential customers. Think blogging, video content, news articles and infographics. If one of your services is blogging for clients, then ensure your own personal blog gets attention. If you create video content for other businesses, then regularly upload your own fun and informative videos. There is no end to the possibilities of content marketing!

Rolling in the deep

Adele’s success is no secret. She’s a worldwide superstar with millions of album sales. It’s probably a no-brainer to think of her (or her team) as being clued up on marketing. But just how is she relevant to content marketing? Adele’s latest album, 25, broke records with its sales number reaching 8 million – and that was just in the US. The simple but effective video teaser for ‘Hello’ was aired during an X Factor ad break. Of course, after a 3-year hiatus, the video sparked mass hysteria on social media. Then, to top it all off, Adele released the single for free after building up all the excitement. This undoubtedly drove the subsequent album sales through the roof.

Obviously, your business may not have the enormous reputation of the charismatic Londoner, but that’s basically what you want your content marketing to start to achieve. Build up a reputation through content, and your products will speak for themselves. Generally, the more trusted your content is, the more trusted your business is.


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