Motor Design Goes Live!

26 October 2020| Post by Carmine3 minutes

Carmine D'Amore


Attention, attention! A new site has gone live!🔔

There’s nothing better than seeing a project reach completion with smiles all round. And that’s exactly what we have here with the launch of Motor Design Limited’s brand new website.

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And before you go rushing off to take a look for yourself, we thought we’d give you a little refresh on who exactly Motor Design are, and what Limely got up to during the project!

Who is Motor Design Limited?

Motor Design Limited began in 1998, and since then have used their expertise to build up their reputation and become a world-leading software development company. They particularly specialise in developing advanced software and tools for the design of electric motors and pride themselves on their attention to detail, their knowledge of the industry and their amazing bank of resources.

Motor Design’s clientele stretches worldwide, providing vital software for clients who specialise in aerospace, automotive and industrial design.

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They leave no stone unturned, creating specific software for every imaginable aspect of motor design including concept, performance, optimisation, testing and prototype development. And with such a reputable stance in their industry, as well as providing such imperative tools, they needed a website that not only did them justice but helped them continue to provide their unbeatable service. Enter Limely!

What did Limely do?

In order to truly represent Motor Design Limited online, Limely got to work designing and developing a brand new website that modernised their presence and made sure their users were up to date with everything they had to offer.

The process began with our design team coming up with the website’s brand new look which took Motor Design’s industry, their services and the experience of their user into account. This included not only making sure that Motor Design’s brand shined through, but that all of their content and services could be easily accessed via clear navigation.

The design team also whipped up specific pages and areas that help to heightened Motor Design’s level of usability and user experience. This included a Resources page, Events space and even an Accounts/User Login area that then went to our development team to bring it all to life.

As well as making sure all of their new features worked efficiently, Limely dev’s made Motor Design’s website a high functioning and performing online space that worked like a charm – reflecting their overall approach to their services.

And as the cherry on top to a job well done, the team made sure that everything they had achieved for Motor Design’s brand new site could also be experienced on mobile – making the necessary adjustments so that their users could access Motor Design’s services on the go.

Sound all too good to be true? Well, take a look for yourself!

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