Motor Design Limited Choose Limely

2 April 2020| Post by Tom2 minutes


The ball is still very much rolling here at Limely, so much so we’ve gained a brand new client!

The morale remains very high amongst the Limely team, especially now we have virtually shaken hands with a client who has come to us wanting a swish, new website.

Every business deserves to have a top-notch site that rightly represents their brand and services, especially in times like these. Limely take in pride in injecting their passion and skills into their work in order to provide exactly that. And this time around, we’ll be doing it for none other than Motor Design Limited!

So, time for introductions!

Motor Design Limited is a world-leading software development company who specialise in developing advanced software and tools specifically for the design of electric motors, and have been doing so since 1998.

Their services consist of utilising their expert knowledge in motor design to provide efficient software in order to support others in the same industry – including those who design motors for aerospace, automotive and industrial companies found all over the world.

Motor Design Limited cover every aspect of motor design including concept, performance, optimisation, testing and prototype development. They pride themselves on their level of service which stems from extensive research and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

What will Limely be doing?

Limely will be providing Motor Design Limited with a brand new, bespoke website which will do nothing but illustrate the quality of their services as well as their expertise in the motor design industry.

We’ll be completing a total overhaul of their current site; implementing new designs and developing an online space in which provides a sleek and professional place for customers to easily delve into their services, available software and their wide range of resources consisting of tutorials, guides and webinars surrounding motor design. Motor Design Limited are a company who use their expertise and skills within the industry to provide nothing but a flawless service as well as efficient software, so it’s important that their new website clearly demonstrates that.

This is why branding and user experience is at the forefront of Limely’s mind with this project, allowing us to whip up a site that rightly represents their company.

We can’t wait to get started! Watch this space 👀



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