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20 September 2020| Post by Charlotte3 minutes

Back in July, we put live Solus – one of three sites that we designed and developed for Pingyo

Well, we’re back again but this time, they have approached us to design and built Modo – a loan site for their clients across the pond! We’re over the moon that Pingyo have put yet another on of their sites in our hands, and we’re couldn’t be more excited to get started!

Before we get into what exactly we’ll be doing for Modo, let us introduce you!


Who are Modo?

Modo is a part of the Pingyo family and provides American clients living in the US with a friendly yet professional loan service. Modo allows clients to use their individual circumstance to find the right loan for them, whilst providing all the information and guidance they would need to efficiently get their hands on the money they need. Mondo is not a direct loans provider, but a credit broker – the middle person between the user and a suitable loan.

With this said, like every other company stemming from Pingyo, Modo pride themselves on their customer service and their ability to provide a quality service. Obviously, they need a site that reflects this, so their customers can have an all-round, excellent experience.

So, what are Limely doing?

Limely will be building this site from the ground up, applying brand new designs and development to bring Modo to life online. We’ll be creating Modo’s branding, whilst cooking up layouts, buttons and colour schemes to apply to their online space. We’ll forever have the client in mind, creating a logo and brand that reflects their friendly service and approachability whilst demonstrating their professionalism.

Still keeping the client in mind, our developers will not only be making the overall site a treat to use but injecting life into bespoke features in which will allow the user to get their quote and use Modo’s services quickly and efficiently. From quote calculators to enquiry and contact forms, the user will have everything they need to find the best, individualised quote whilst taking in Modo’s unique, stylish branding.

As well as all that, we’ll be tightening screws and optimising page speeds to ensure every single aspect reflects a high level of quality and performance to provide the user with the best possible experience.

So with that, it’s time to get the ball rolling!

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