Meet Our New Developer – Robbie

18 April 2019| Post by Graham2 minutes


Say hello to our new frontend developer Robbie! 👋🏼 We thought you might like to get to know him a little better.

We’re over the moon to introduce you to our latest member of the team: Robbie Davey. As he settles into Limely life, we couldn’t wait to have a catch up with him.

It’s been a few weeks since Robbie joined us so we thought it was about time that we sat down with a brew and had a nosey into what makes him tick.

How long have you been in web development?

Professionally I’ve been a web developer for just under 2 years now but I’ve been interested in it since college where my final year project was a revision questionnaire website.

How have you settled in at Limely? And what are you enjoying most?

I feel I’ve settled in really quickly, it was just normal straight away, which is great. I love the culture of Limely: work hard, play hard. I’ve learned so much in the short space of time being here. Getting to know the team whilst playing brew darts and pool. My favourite part at the moment is having other more experienced developers who I can bounce off with any development situation.

Is there anyone in particular that you like to follow in the web industry?

There isn’t anyone specific I follow but I’m always looking for the latest news items and if there are any new trends in the industry.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I enjoy gaming, going for out for walks, reading and also watching my favourite team. I always try if I can to practice my code and I’m looking into developing AR/VR for websites and how they can work together.

What were the last 3 albums you played on your Spotify?

Imagine Dragons – Origins

Sigrid – Sucker Punch

Eminem – Kamikaze

Where do you see yourself as a developer and Limely as a business in the next 12 months?

I see myself growing further learning new things and also more about how Limely works and builds sites. I see Limely growing further both locally and regionally and I’ll be doing all I can to help it by sharing my ideas and developing to the best of my abilities!

If you could work on a website for a dream client, who would that be?

I think a dream client would be a game development company like Rockstar or Ubisoft, so I can help build a stunning website and learn more about how the gaming industry works.


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