Meet Our Creative Writer – Emma Aldington

20 November 2017| Post by Graham2 minutes


Hey everybody, meet our resident creative writer Emma Aldington!

Emma joined us back in August but it’s now officially the end of her probation period, so we thought we’d sit down with a brew and have a chat.

How long have you been in the writing game?

I started blogging at about 17 and have been writing content for various people since then as a hobby/favour. I’ve just graduated with an English Language degree so there was plenty of writing involved there, too.

Have you settled in at Limely? And what are you enjoying most?

Definitely. It’s my first ‘proper job’ so it’s been weird to get used to but I couldn’t have picked a better place or group of people to start with. It’s hard to pick what I enjoy the most – probably the fact I get to write all day and it doesn’t feel like work!

Is there anyone in particular that you like to follow in the writing/blogging industry?

I read a lot of Vice articles for fun but to help me professionally I really enjoy Jeff Bullas’ blog. He’s a content marketing expert.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I buy a lot of clothes – probably too many! Other than that, I help to run an indie night at The Live Rooms. I spend a lot of my spare time finding new music and learning to DJ.

What were the last 3 albums you played on your Spotify?

Daphni – Joli Mai

A Tribe Called Quest – The Anthology

Call Super – Arpo

Where do you see Limely and yourself heading in the next 12 months?

I’m pretty sure Limely will continue to expand at an impressive rate and add loads of really exciting clients to the roster. Hopefully, they’ll want some blog posts doing too!

And finally, if you could write for a dream client, who would that be?

Oh, I’d like to write for ASOS half of the time and Resident Advisor for the other half – 100%. That would be the dream!


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