Meet Niko Moustoukas

30 November 2016| Post by Graham2 minutes


When he’s not running rings around the ping-pong table or hosting lavish BBQs (even in Winter), Niko is our resident WordPress wizard and co-founder of Limely.

We sat down with Niko this morning to learn a little more about our very own in-house Hades…

How long have you been in the Web Design game?

A: I’ve been developing websites for well over a decade now; The very first site I launched was a mobile phone deal comparison site “Crazy4Mobiles”, I developed back in 2006. Ever since I got my first developer role in 2011, the ever-changing challenges in the industry have given me the drive and determination to continually expand my knowledge.


What do you enjoy most about working at Limely?

A: For me, it’s all about having a relaxed, creative environment. It also helps that we are working with clients who appreciate great work and that we have a team capable of creating it!

Who has been inspiring you lately in the industry?

A: What inspires me most is those who have used technology to help tackle The World’s challenges – people like Boyan Slat [The Ocean Cleanup Foundation] and Travis Kalanick [UBER] are both perfect examples of this!

What does family life look like?

14721579_10155373217114616_470816842599534688_nA: I have a beautiful Wife, two adventurous Bengal cats and an ever-growing “big fat Greek” family. My 3 nephews keep me active – and I especially love having a good excuse to play Lego and Scalextrics!

What do you enjoy doing outside of Limely?

A: Outside of work, I enjoy playing 5-a-side football, eating good food and enjoying a few drinks with my friends. I also enjoy spending quality time with my Wife; travelling, watching films and eating out.

Where do you see Limely in the next 12 months?

A: Our first year has truly been an unbelievable journey.

Over the next 12 months, it’s important for us to maintain offering excellent customer service and the highest quality of work; evolving the team with people who understand our vision, are able to work together and are excited to go to work every day will enable us to achieve this and help grow the business smoothly.

Alongside growing the team, we have plans to expand our service offering – applying our skills and knowledge into other areas.

If you could develop a website for your dream client, who would it be?

My dream client would be – I love their branding, the products are top quality and the company has real ethics in sourcing materials and manufacturing in the UK.


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