McCombie Group Goes Live!

10 June 2020| Post by Graham3 minutes


It’s great to see the results of Limely’s hard work in spite of the lockdown still in full swing, and today we’re especially excited to announce that McCombie Group’s new site is officially live!

Since McCombie approached Limely, we’ve been working together to create a brand new website which demonstrates not only their level of expertise, quality and professionalism but the wide range of construction services they provide to their esteemed customers.

McCombie were after an online space in which would not only portray their company and their ethics but provide a hub where clients could efficiently sift through their services, enquire and directly contact the team. The site would replicate the level of service that McCombie is known for, as well as the care and passion they have for every client and project. And with that effectively achieved and their new site finally live, we thought we’d show it off!

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But first, a little refresher!

McCombie Group is a construction company that began in 2012 by brothers Zak and Arron McCombie. Over the years, they have used their passion for the industry, as well as their knowledge and expertise, to provide their clients with faultless service and amazing results. This is all made possible by their team that is packed with qualified professionals who contribute to completing projects quickly and efficiently.

What did Limely do?

Limely swooped in with their very own expertise and began designing a site that would match McCombie’s level of quality. We took their original designs and logo and incorporated them into sleek yet modern designs which would act as the cherry on top to their stylish layout. We took images straight from McCombie, ones which would truly give the users a taste of their company and services, and made sure they were effectively presented across the site.

Outstanding new website designed and built by Limely for McCombie Construction Ltd! Limely have been amazing, a fantastic company and an amazing team of designers, developers and support staff

Zak McCombie

This also included crafting a project page that contained galleries of past and current projects to help demonstrate McCombie’s services to their users. The developers then worked their magic to bring the designs to life and made sure that the site ran quickly and smoothly, ensuring the best user experience.

Through the collaborative work of Limely and McCombie, as well as a mutual understanding of their business strategy, we also made sure to include additional pages for McCombie, ones that can remain behind the scenes in preparation for inevitable business growth. This makes sure that McCombie’s website can easily adapt and be shaped to their current stance meaning its a site that is made to last.

One feature of their new site included an easy to use enquiry form that potential clients could use to directly contact the McCombie team with detailed information of their proposed project; helping the construction process begin quickly and efficiently. This form involved our design team crafting bespoke icons, as well as our development team making sure everything was ship-shape and made for excellent user experience.

The content team at Limely worked hard to make sure that all of the content on McCombie’s new site also reflected their high-end services and professionalism in the industry. It was also adapted to make for faultless user experience, and provide users with everything they would need to know about McCombie, as well as evoke trust and reliability.

Now the site is officially live, we’re hoping it will only add to the renowned reputation McCombie has as a construction company and act as a catalyst for any potential clients looking for high quality and expert services.

Make sure to take a look for yourself!

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