Matt and Adam to Run the Manchester Marathon: An Update

21 February 2020| Post by Charlotte3 minutes

So, if you’re regular on the ol’ blog, you would have seen that we made an announcement about two of our team’s latest physical endevour

Back in January, which feels like a lifetime ago we know, we announced that our very own Matt Briggs and Adam Forshaw were beginning to source donations for when they tackle the Manchester Marathon this April. Since then, they have been throwing themselves into their training and preparing for the big day! So, with the months flying by, we thought we’d catch up with the two to see how everything’s going, and how they’re feeling as their Marathon date creeps closer and closer.

Adam, how’s it going?

“Good! Marathon or not I’ve always been a big runner, but since we signed up I’ve been really putting my mind to it. I’m still sticking to some pretty strict training – running 3-4 times a week, although, I am struggling to fit it all in due to the runs being around 1-2.5 hours each time. I often wake up at the crack of dawn to get my run in, because I’ve been really feeling the benefits and I think it will really help when it comes to the big day.”

“I’ve been easing myself in with a few big runs here and there as well – last weekend I ran the Great North West HM in Blackpool. Storm Dennis made it very difficult and I came 147th/1110, but it still felt good to be running! Within the next month, I’m going to try and get my miles up so, bring it on.”

Target for Marathon: 3.5 hours

Matt, how’s it going?

“Yeah, well thanks! I’ve been training as well – just trying to build up my endurance as I go so when it comes to the big day, I can push through and get to the end. I’m up to 16 miles at the moment, but I’m planning on pushing that up to 18 next weekend. It’s been quite daunting to be quite honest, and there have been times where I questioned why I had even signed up 😂. But, I then think of my chosen charity and how much support they need and it lights the fire under my bum again.”

“I’ve also invested in some new kicks for the occasion, aswell as our brand new Limely tops so we are properly suited and booted. I’m going to keep soldiering on with my training so I can make everyone, including myself, proud when the day comes around.”

Target for Marathon: 4 hours

As it currently stands, Adam and Matt have raised 74% of their target. The amount now stands at £1,110.00 and they’d like to thank everyone who has donated so far! Let’s keep it going!

If you’d like to know about their Marathon and their chosen charities, click here to read the original blog post.

And most importantly – don’t forget to donate!

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