You’ve never seen Mario Kart Like it: Nintendo’s new Mixed- Reality Game

23 October 2020| Post by Robbie2 minutes


If you’re anything like the Limely team, you would have jumped on some sort of gaming bandwagon during lockdown

And it does seem that we’re not the only ones have been busy this year so far, as the game boffins in the office have been over the moon with the gaming world’s latest releases. We’ve had the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Stardew Valley, the latest for Crash Bandicoot and now, we’ve had the news of Nintendo’s latest exciting venture involving our favourite Italian plumber.

Say hello to Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit

What can you expect?

We’ve spoken quite a lot about gaming, AI and virtual reality on the Limely, but never have we spoken about the prospect of ‘mixed-reality’, and this is exactly the premise of Nintendo’s brand new take on Mario Kart.

The game, only available on Nintendo Switch, has everything you already know and love about the classic Mario Kart – racing on whacky tracks, turtle-shelling your opponents and doing everything in your power to get to the finish line. But what makes this so extra special is the introduction of mixed-reality, as you play both on-screen and in real life!

Using provided cardboard arches to set up your very own track wherever you may be racing, you can physically place a remote control Mario onto your track, start up the game and watch the magic happen.


And when you thought that your own living room could never be the backdrop to a wild Mario Kart track, simply just switch on your console and get racing as your in-game racer dodges your sofa and dining table. As you see the usual banana skins and mushrooms pop up on your screen, your own little remote control Mario, equipped with its own little camera, will be whizzing around the physical track right in front of you – truly bringing the game to life.

Cool, right? We can imagine that this will be at the top of any game lover’s Christmas list this year. But if you can’t wait till then – the game is available now at £99.99!

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