How to Make Your Online Business Greener This Earth Day

21 April 2020| Post by Graham3 minutes


Today is Earth Day! A whole day dedicated to raising awareness around environmental protection.

Discourse in which surrounds climate change and the state of the environment has become extremely prevalent in the past couple of years as effects of pollution, deforestation and damage to the earth are becoming more known. Earth Day is an annual celebration which dedicates a day in which we focus on ways we can help tackle climate change, and how as a collective we can change aspects of our behaviour to help relieve the pressure on the environment.

But how can your ecommerce business play its part? In honour of 2020’s Earth Day, we thought we’d take a look at a few ways that you can adapt your online business and make it a little bit greener.

Stocking eco-friendly Products

One way first involves some in-depth research around the products you stock and seeing if there are any greener alternatives. Looking at aspects such as materials, whether they are recyclable or not, pinpointing where they are made and how they reach you, can help identify ways in which you can make your products more eco-friendly, enabling you to make a difference with every sale.

Recyclable packaging

A method that is being taken up by a lot of big brands; sourcing recyclable and eco-friendly packaging is a great way to not only make your business a bit greener, but encourage your customers to adopt more environmentally conscious behaviour.

Collaborating with charitable causes

There are many charities and causes out there that dedicate their time to bettering the earth and its current environmental state, and not just on Earth Day. It could be that your business teams up with one of these charities so your customers have the option to donate, an option that can be applied at the checkout. This way, you’re doing you and your customers are doing your bit in order to help those working towards a cleaner and greener future.

Adapting shipping methods

Many of the environmental issues that surround online business is the transport methods for stock and products. It is possible for your methods to be adapted in order to make things a little bit more eco-friendly and help prevent pollution. This can be anything from sourcing locally made products, or grouping shipments and deliveries to get planes out the sky and trucks off the road to help reduce your impact on carbon emissions.

On-site Earth Day awareness

Earth Day can be easily integrated within your marketing in celebration of the annual event coming around once again. Themed designs, promotions and even blog content can be used to raise awareness for Earth Day and spread the message. Through doing so, you are drawing attention to the cause and therefore, doing your bit.

Happy Earth Day!


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