Making the Most of Working From Home

20 March 2020| Post by Szymon4 minutes


Thanks to recent government advice surrounding Coronavirus, those who are able to have been urged to work from home.

This has resulted in many of us, who are accustomed to the commute and sitting snug in an office, suddenly not leaving the confines of our homes to do a day’s work. Those in an industry like our’s who freelance or are self-employed are probably laughing at us all right now as we try and settle into our new routines to ensure our flow of work and productivity is not disrupted.

But don’t worry, the Limely team are with all you WFH newbies! The team is currently readjusting to their new life at the dining room table and are banding together to make sure business is as usual. So, we thought we’d bring together some handy tips we’ve collated during our first week of working from home in order to help anyone out there who is struggling.

Find a suitable workspace

As much as we’ve all probably dreamed about working from bed, it’s probably not the most ideal setting. To ensure concentration and thus productivity, be sure to set yourself up a little station that will encourage workflow and potentially replicate a setting you’re accustomed to in the office.

This will help take you out of ‘home’ mode and slot you nicely into ‘work’ mode meaning your schedule and workload doesn’t take a blow.

Make sure you have everything you need

We’ve heard stories of people lugging their office chair home, but we’re not going that far. We’re talking about software, equipment, access to online tools – everything that will help effortlessly bring your work life to your home. Many of us don’t think twice about all the things we regularly use at work that really, we’d be lost without.

As you leave the office to work from home, make sure you have outside access to everything you will need to continue working. And if not, make sure you’ve got your best puppy eyes on as you ask your colleagues to send you over the stuff you forgot.

Stay in contact with your team

Speaking of, make sure you have ways of easily contacting your team at all times. This is not only for efficiency when working, but keeping yourself sane as you self isolate. Many of us will be used to a bustling office environment with daily contact and ‘bantz’ with our fellow colleagues – and to go from that to sitting on your todd, can be quite daunting.

Making the most of video calls and messaging boards will not only mean you’ve got a lifeline for pickles you might find yourself in but access to some well-needed company.

Limely has been using Slack and Google Hangouts to conduct daily meetings and make sure we don’t forget what each other look like.

Stay hydrated

And we don’t just mean with copious amounts of tea and coffee. If your workplace is anything like the Limely office, we like to make sure that the team is drinking plenty of water so we can feel our best and our concentration is on point. Without a team of people reminding you to get drinking, it’s quite easy to forget.

So, as well as your brews, make sure you’ve got a bottle of water or a glass of squash handy to ensure you’re keeping nice and hydrated. (Plus, those extra trips to the loo can help stretch your legs so, win-win.

Take breaks!

We probably don’t have to tell you this twice but you need to be taking breaks! Breaks and time away from your computer are vital for good concentration which leads to great workflow and heightened productivity.

Most importantly – keep safe, keep clean and keep motivated! You got this – see you on the other side 😎


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