Magento End of Life is June 30th – Are You Ready?

18 June 2020| Post by Szymon4 minutes


In February, we spoke about the encroaching deadline for Magento 1’s end of life.

Back then it seemed so far away, but all of a sudden here we are in June and 12 days away from the official end date! Time certainly does fly. But why were we making a fuss about it so early on? Well, for all those ecommerce owners out there, this is important news for the overall functionality and success of their website.

‘Magento 1 End of Life’ is officially taking place June 30th 2020 and signifies the end of all support, updates and fixtures for version one of Magento (otherwise known has Magento 1 or Enterprise Edition.)

Here at Limely, we are huge fans of Magento as an ecommerce platform, and use it to build many of our client’s ecommerce websites due to its wide range of features and the benefits it brings for ecommerce sites. As a responsible web agency that cares for our clients, we have been spending the time leading to the deadline educating and informing our clients who still remain Magento 1; helping wherever we can to upgrade websites so they can continue to benefit from an excellent ecommerce experience made possible by Magento.

As the deadline is just around the corner, are you prepared?

A little reminder of what EoL for Magento 1 will mean…

Since they announced End of Life back in September 2018, Magento has been making sure to provide for those who still remain on Magento 1; giving support and maintenance for sites that have yet to be updated, despite the encroaching deadline. With that said, they’ve also been encouraging anyone who can upgrade to Magento 2 and the latest version of the software to immediately do so.

This stems from the fact that after June 30th, all support, updates and fixes for Magento 1 will cease, and all focus will be placed on supporting Magento 2.3 which was released earlier this year. As we explained back in February, this does not mean your Magento 1 site will be deleted, but just that any help or support for it will not be available from Magento.

To find out a bit more, click here to read our initial post.

How might it affect you?

Once support ceases when June 30th rolls around, those that remain on Magento 1 might not see any effects straight off the bat. However, you might find that over time your site might come across technical issues and bugs that can no longer be fixed by Magento.

Not only might you find that things aren’t running as quickly and efficiently thanks to a lack of updates and security, but it will also be a lot more vulnerable to security breaches and cyber-attacks. Basically, not upgrading to Magento’s latest version might just be detrimental to your customer experience and consequently, the success of your business. Yikes!

Limely can help…

If you are yet to upgrade, then not to worry, there is still time! And with agencies like Limely here to help, everything will be smooth sailing. As a web agency, we would always advise working with the latest upgrades, no matter the software. Same goes with anything you work with; the more recent the upgrade, the better experience you’re going to have. Not only will upgrading to the latest version of Magento gives you access to all of the support available to help avoid potential issues in the future, but it will allow your ecommerce site to perform at its fullest potential.

Once you have made the leap to upgrade, Limely are here to help you transfer your site onto your shiny, new and up to date platform which coincidently is made to be a very easy process by their most recent update! Under Limely’s watchful eye, we can get your site up and running to its full capacity so you can carry on successfully selling your wares and making customers happy.

Your business deserves the best – so what you waiting for!

If you’re in need of some help, be sure to email Director Niko at [email protected] with any queries.


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