Lockdown Memes That Have Made Us Laugh

28 July 2020| Post by Matt3 minutes


There’s no denying that in the past couple of months, the whole nation has been thrown into strange circumstances.

With our social lives cancelled and most of us without work to fill our days, it’s no wonder that the internet and social media platforms have been very lively places. As we’ve all sucked it up for the greater good, we went on the hunt for something to do. As boredom crept in, we’ve seen an abundance of unexpected trends and memes that have made their way into the mainstream and highlighted the foundations of the new ‘lockdown’ normal.

So, as things have begun to ease up, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favourite lockdown trends and memes that have had us howling.

My plans vs 2020 memes

Ahh, memes – the main source of our humour as we scroll through social media. As not one of us have been able to escape the effects of COVID-19, the number of memes circulating the internet doesn’t come as a shock.

With so many to choose from, it was hard to narrow down our favourite. But one that has seemed to have many variations was the classic My Plans/Year vs 2020. Presented in a wide range of hilarious concepts including our favourite films and tv shows, the meme brilliantly sums up the attitudes of the nation. Click here to view more!

Lockdown Hair cuts

With non-essential establishments temporarily shut down, many of us quickly realised that we had been taking the little things for granted. With no one being able to get a hair cut for a good three months, we’ve learned to live with much wilder locks.

Some people have been taking their out of control barnets into their own hands; handing over the clippers to their significant others or having a go at it themselves. With hairdresser amateurs all over the country with scissors in hand, there was going to be guaranteed hilarity – as you can see above.

Banana Bread

Many people on social media have been sharing their lockdown activities in an aim to inspire and cure the boredom of others. One reoccurring activity that people have to seem to have caught onto is baking, specifically, homemade banana bread.

Whether it’s due to many of us have browning bananas in our fruit bowls, or that it’s a relatively simple and delicious recipe, hundreds of us have been having a go – even urging a call out to psychotherapists to explain the reasoning behind the obsession. An unusual and very specific trend, it’s also produced some pretty hilarious memes.

Everything is CAKE

Sticking with the cake theme, there has been another delicious meme/trend that has just recently been taking over our Twitter timelines. People have been losing their minds over talented bakers created hyper-realistic cakes, in which they film themselves cutting into; shattering a rather amazing illusion.

From toilet roll cakes, raw chicken cakes and even human hands – the world has sat back in astonishment at the skills of these bakers. So much so, people have started to question what else might be secretly made of cake…

What’s been your favourite meme to come out of lockdown? Join the conversation by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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