Live Chat Stats and Insights: How Can Your Business Benefit?

4 October 2017| Post by Robbie2 minutes


It’s the secret tool that customers LOVE. This service has been part of e-commerce and company websites for over a decade now, but some businesses still aren’t taking advantage.

As a web agency, it’d be wrong for us to not give you the latest stats on web features. Today, we’re talking┬álive chat.

Woman uses live chat on her laptop

Is live chat the best method?

According to Kayako, 41% of consumers prefer live chat. Compare this to social media, which scored a 3% preference. It’s easy to see why live chat is so popular. Live online chat services allow customers to get quick, real-time responses. It’s got that familiar, casual feel of chatting to friends and family online. After all, picking up the phone or sending an email can be daunting to some.

What are businesses currently doing?

Despite the research shown above, 42% of businesses think consumers prefer phone-based customer service. Because of this, companies are likely to be overstaffing on their telephone services. In reality, allocating more staff to online services may actually be more beneficial. In the long run, it’s likely to be more economical too. Cutting costs and improving customer satisfaction sounds good, right?

woman using live chat

It’s not easy to get right

Unfortunately, for those that do use live chat services, it’s not always living up to expectations. Negative experiences are all too common. 38% of customers report feeling frustrated with their live chat experience. Typical frustrations include support not being online, getting disconnected from the chat and pre-written, impersonal responses. That said, Kayako report that 43% of businesses ‘know their user experience is not good enough’. Consequently, if telephone staff were transferred to online services, these problems might be solved.

Making the most of live chat

However, when this service works… it really works. 79% of companies reported live chat having a positive effect on sales and customer loyalty. So in light of this, here are some ways you can ensure that your business is using live chat effectively:

  • Find a solution that works, don’t leave customers waiting for the line to be ‘connected’
  • Train agents to prepare human canned responses, rather than robotic ones
  • Utilise existing consumer data to figure out what your customers want
  • Add that personal touch, make it as effortless as messaging a friend

Invest in quality live chat, and watch your ROI increase. When 52% of customers are more likely to purchase from a business who offer live chat support, can you really afford not to?


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