Limely’s Ultimate Ecommerce Resource for Surviving Black Friday & Christmas

18 November 2020| Post by Gavin2 minutes


You know when Michael Buble releases his greatest Christmas hits album every year? This is like that but for ecommerce.😉

With the current circumstances at hand surrounding the pandemic and national lockdown, the need for businesses big and small to perfect their ecommerce site and online presence has never been so important! And as we’re already nearly halfway through November, time is running out for businesses to make sure that they are prepped for not only Black Friday on 27th November but Cyber Monday, Christmas and the Boxing Day sales.

Here at Limely, we’ve published countless blog posts over the years that were in aim to help businesses tick every box and ensure that they are maintaining a faultless shopping experience for their users and an online presence that does nothing but boost traffic and sales.

Ahh yes, we know what you’re thinking – we’ve literally just told you that the clock is ticking and now we’re telling you to sift through each one of our blog posts? Don’t be silly! We’re are going to do all the hard work for you and group together our most helpful blog posts that are based on optimising your ecommerce site and preparing for big retail events so you can have our expert guidance at the touch of a button. Introducing, Limely’s greatest Christmas hits album.

Side 1: Ecommerce

1. Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for a COVID Black Friday?
2. Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready For Christmas?
3. 4 Ways You Can Perfect Your Ecommerce Site: Shopify
4. How to Reduce Abandoned Carts on Your Ecommerce Store
5. Keeping Customers Happy in a time of Delayed Deliveries


Side 2: Content & Social Media Marketing

1. A Guide on How to Adapt Your Posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
2. How to Finesse Your Instagram Stories
3. How Important is it to Proofread your Web Content?
4. Crafting the Perfect Landing Page
5. Sculpting User Experience with Content and Magento 2


Bonus Tracks: SEO

1. How Content Marketing Can Boost Your SEO
2. How Can Your Site Rank for ‘Near Me’ Searches?
3. Why is Keyword Research So Important?
4. SEO Checklist When Launching a New Website
5. 5 Assumptions About SEO That Just Aren’t True

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