Limely X Aero Commerce: A Brand New Partnership

8 December 2020| Post by Adam3 minutes


So the latest news from the Limely lot is that we’ve gained a brand new partner – say hello to Aero Commerce!

Here at Limely, we like to fill our repertoire with the finest resources around to make sure that we’re providing our ecommerce clients with the BEST possible service. And don’t we just love it when we see other companies with the same kind of passion and goal! That said, when we had the chance to collaborate and partner up with the new ecommerce platform providers Aero Commerce, we, of course, couldn’t let that opportunity go by.

All of our partners bring something amazing to our services and allow us to create show-stopping ecommerce sites that wow our clients and springboard their online businesses to unimaginable success. And with Aero Commerce jumping on board as our newest partners, we’re excited to be adding their contributions and showing our clients why they should feel reassured when building their online store using their platform. But let’s delve in a little bit deeper to why and formally introduce you to Aero Commerce.

Who are Aero Commerce?

Aero Commerce is currently taking the world of ecommerce by storm with their brand new platform that provides its users with the means to build an effective online store using their ‘feature-rich, lightning-fast, fully extendable, and scalable’ software. Apart from making sure every inch of their platform is top-notch, their first port of call has been filling their directory with some of the best web design agencies up and down the country so those who use Aero Commerce can take full advantage of all of its features and capabilities.

Aero Commerce themselves state:

‘Through our network of highly-skilled, carefully curated ecommerce agencies — which are fully supported by the Aero team —retailers can expect the delivery of truly bespoke, personalized ecommerce stores optimized for the highest possible conversion rates and lowest possible server infrastructure costs. Typically, retailers using Aero are experiencing a tenfold decrease in infrastructure costs compared to those using other popular professional platforms.’

These results have been clearly demonstrated in their latest case studies. For example, whilst working with Wave Direct, the use of Aero Commerce’s platform has saved them £10,800 each month and risen their conversion rate by 43%. If you’d like to read more about this particular case study, click here!

Working with Limely

Aero Commerce’s partnership with Limely signifies a collaboration that puts Limely with the other top agencies within Aero Commerce directory, and in turn, Aero Commerce will be placed amongst Limely’s chosen tools, software and platforms that help us achieve the unbeatable results that we are known for. We’re can’t wait to begin giving our support to Aero Commerce as well as working with their platform and showing our clients what exactly their online store can achieve.

A word from Aero Commerce…

Aero Commerce is as excited as us about our latest collaboration. But don’t just take our word for it!

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Limely to the Aero Agency Partner Program.”

“As a platform, we pride ourselves on partnering with innovative agencies who want to help build the future of ecommerce with Aero. From the moment we engaged with Limely we knew that their passion to push boundaries and exceed expectations would be a perfect match for Aero. With decades of experience coupled with their ability to create amazing digital experiences, we have absolutely no doubt that Limely will create beautiful websites, built on Aero, that are nothing short of perfect.”

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