Limely Give Support to Declan’s Den

13 August 2020| Post by Gavin3 minutes


Limely are giving their support to a special cause very close to our hearts.

TW: Suicide, Mental Health

It was only last month that Director Gavin and his fiancée Shaunagh received some awful, unexpected news.

Declan, Shaunagh’s younger brother aged 21, had taken his own life.

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult things we will go through in our lives, and when something so unfortunate as suicide is involved – it can not only leave you with pain but many ifs, whys, buts and maybes.

Since Declan’s passing, his support teacher Nia Marshall-Lloyd has been working hard to create Declan’s Den – an organisation in Declan’s memory that is set out to provide an outstretched hand to those with suicidal thoughts, families that are struggling to deal with their loss and those who are in need of support when dealing with their own mental health.

Thousands, upon thousands of people a year, take or attempt to take their life and Nia, with the support from Shaunagh and family, is aiming to provide that all-important help and guidance to those struggling.

“In loving memory of Declan.
To reach out to people with suicidal thoughts.
There is always another choice and we will support you to find that.”

Currently, Declan’s Den is looking for sponsors to help raise enough money to get the organisation up and running, as well as secure an office space in which they can conduct their services.

Shaunagh and family are helping Nia to raise as much money as they can, selling bracelets and badges in which all proceeds go to Declan’s Den. £962.20 has been raised so far, but they still could do with your help!

Here at Limely, we have donated £600 to Declan’s Den to cover some of the rent payments needed for their desired space in order to help get the ball rolling. Join us by clicking here to visit their page and donate as much as you can to help Declan’s Den provide a beacon of hope for those who need it.

You can also help by liking Declan’s Den on Facebook and doing your best to spread the word about their amazing services. The right words at the right time have the potential to save thousands of lives, and Declan’s Den has already collated a wide range of volunteers from all walks of life to offer words of comfort in the most difficult times.  Maybe you too could also provide a helping hand?

Donate to Declan’s Den

To find out more information and see how you could get involved through donating or volunteering, click here to visit Declan’s Den’s Facebook Page.

No matter who you are, we could all do with a helping hand every now and again. If you’ve been affected by suicide or by what you’ve read today, you can find some additional crisis links and information down below.


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