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22 June 2021| Post by Gavin3 minutes


We really don’t get tired of writing blog posts like these!

Because once again it’s time to introduce you to yet another brand new client!

This time around we’re saying hello to LCA Group, a renowned electrical, control & instrumentation engineering solutions provider.

So as tradition goes – here’s the lowdown on who exactly LCA Group are and what Limely are going to get up to!

Who are LCA Group?

LCA Group provides engineering solutions not only across the UK but on a global scale. They pride themselves on their wide range of skills in which they utilise to bring their clients efficient, smart and time-saving solutions.

Offering everything from design to maintenance and support, LCA Group adapts their wide range of services to provide each and every client with a truly bespoke service. No matter the project, LCA’s team of experts always aim to enrich their client’s workspace by allowing them to perform at their fullest potential using state of the art equipment.

LCA Group’s large team means that they can provide experts on every aspect of their service whether it’s equipment design, manufacturing or hands-on maintenance once the equipment has been installed.

LCA approached Limely as they are in need of a website that reflects their expertise and provides their potential client with the best experience possible on their site – one that focuses on lead generation and showing off their work in the best light.

What will Limely do?

After sitting down with LCA Group to discuss ideas and plans, Limely’s design team are going to create a brand new look, one that will focus on presenting their brand as well as appealing to their target audience. One of the main aims for both Limely and LCA is creating a space that aids the user’s journey and quickly takes them exactly where they need to be.

To help with this, Limely will be creating a brand new home page that will consist of CTA’s and optimised navigation that will guide the user to exactly where they want to be. To boost UX even further, Limely is planning to transform their contact page; designing and developing a bespoke form that will speed up the user’s journey and lead them straight to contacting a member of the LCA Group team directly.

Alongside making sure that LCA’s Group is designed and developed with the user in mind, Limely will also be focusing on creating a space that informs the user on who exactly LCA Group are and the level of service they can expect. By perfecting the ‘About us’ page and spreading out their portfolio amongst handy categories, users will be able to get to know everything about LCA Group, from their amazing team and company ethics to their impressive backlog of work.

We can’t wait to get started on this project! Be sure to keep up with the Limely blog and all of our socials so you don’t miss out on any updates! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!


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