We Love These Kickstarter Projects (And You Will Too)

26 July 2018| Post by Niko4 minutes


Self-cleaning water bottles, smart dog collars and stress-reducing blankets… we’re super excited about crowdfunded projects at the moment.

We recently spotted a product on Kickstarter that got us fired-up in the office, discussing its flaws and possibilities. And if something sparks interest at Limely, we know it’s worth delving into. This inspired us to start snooping around for promising Kickstarter projects to share with you lot!

Exciting projects

Currently, there are 3,782 live projects on the site – as the real-time counter on the homepage tells us. And for the optimists out there, nearly 150,000 have been already funded. All in all, Kickstarter is a pretty great place to be if you’ve got a product worth sharing with the world. Here are some of our favourites.

LARQ – Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

American inventor Justin Wang launched the bottle on Kickstarter back in November last year. So far, crowdfunding has raised over $1.3million. Yes, you read that correctly. In a nutshell, the LARQ bottle is a pretty impressive product that uses UVC light to digitally purify any water it holds. It’s reusable (obviously), rechargeable and completely insulated. So, you can keep your liquids purified as well as warm or cool! When the bottle runs out of power, it’s can be recharged via USB and a full charge lasts 2 months. Impressive.

Check it out here.

Waggit – Smart Dog Collar

For dog lovers everywhere, this is where smart technology meets our furry friends. Tech company Waggit launched their dog collar project in October 2017. We’re pleased to hear that it has been successfully crowdfunded with pledges worth over $120,000. The collar uses technology to track your doggo’s vitals, GPS location and activity. Essentially, the Waggit collar is a really good Fitbit… for dogs.

Check it out here.

Projecteo – Mini Instagram Feed Projector

Okay, so this one is reeeally cute. The clue’s in the name really: we’re looking at a mini projector that shows you your Instagram feed. Basically, the clever team behind Projecteo will turn your Insta into a roll of 35mm film. Then, you’ll be able to insert it into your gadget and enjoy the show. Currently, there are nearly 3,000 backers with a fund of $87,000. This Kickstarter has now ended so we’re hoping to see the Projecteo in the mainstream pretty soon 

Check it out here.

Swings – Bluetooth Earphone Earrings

Here us out on this one. It may sound a little strange. But Scandi Electronics have invented the ultimate solution for earring-wearers who worry about losing their earphones at the gym on the commute to work. The Swings earrings look like cute accessories but they flip up into wearable Bluetooth technology. They don’t fall out and they take the pressure off your ears! This project is in its infant stages; there are 30 days to go and £150,000 to raise. We’re excited to see if this takes off.

Check it out here.

LashLiner – Magnetic False Lashes

Girls… we’re talking to you here (again). We all know the struggle of applying lashes before a night out – usually resulting in a tantrum and cancelling the taxi. Are we wrong? This new crowdfunding project ‘LashLiner System’ is about to answer all our prayers. Creator Laura Hunter launched the magnetic eyeliner and lash set to Kickstarter earlier this month and it’s already got 125 backers. Lashes that are quick and easy to apply and don’t come off (but are easily repositioned)? We’re in.

Check it out here.

TRUBlanket – Weighted Blanket

You’ve probably seen this doing the rounds on viral Facebook videos. Now, here’s the real deal – the world’s first ‘premiere’ weighted blanket. Jason Spahr launched the Kickstarter project just a few weeks ago but £32,845 has been funded already. We’re impressed. And totally down for a big hug every time we get comfy on the sofa. The clever technology in the blanket has been engineered to give pressure that’s 10% of your body weight, so it really is designed to be like a hug. Oh, and it reduces blood pressure too. Please, can we have one each?

Check it out here.

The Travel Line – Travel Backpack

With over $1 million pledged already, we think that Peak Design might have nailed this travel backpack concept. Apparently, it’s ‘luggage redefined’ and includes a whole load of Packing Tools to make your travelling life loads easier. The 45L backpack is made from recycled plastics, it’s weatherproof and boasts a ‘dedicated organization panel’, involving pockets and expanding volume! It really is the only bag you’ll need on your trips – and it seems over 4,000 backers agree.

Check it out here.


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