Three Keyword Suggestion Tools You Should Be Using

9 March 2017| Post by Graham2 minutes


Discovering the most relevant keywords that yield sufficient search volume can be a long and drawn out process. But fear not, we’ve highlighted our top 3 keyword suggestion tools which can help speed up the process.

Keyword Suggestion Tools

Don’t let your mental block get in the way of your keyword research. There are plenty of tools out there, and by no means is this list exhaustive. Begin your strategy with these FREE keyword suggestion tools:

Keyword Planner

Part of Google Adwords, Keyword Planner is a tool that allows users to research keyword ideas based on phrase, landing page or category. You can determine the average monthly search volume for specific time periods and search volume trends for a single or group of keywords over time. In all, as Google’s own tool, this is a great source of keyword data. However, as with any tool, should not be used in isolation.


Ubersuggest looks more in depth at the long tail variants of popular keywords – which is easier and quicker to do in this tool than Keyword Planner. There’s a word cloud option which allows users to visualise the most common terms associated with a particular query. Better yet, they also provide Google Trends information about a specific keyword so that you can understand the keyword seasonality.

Answer The Public

This is a great tool to use when specifically looking at user intent groupings, themes and topics. This tool can be useful for content research too. Answer The Public takes keyword research to a granular level by taking into consideration every type of query that could be connected or related to your query. Their visuals are pretty impressive too.

So, if you’re stuck, scratching your head trying to find out how people search for your product or service, give these keyword suggestion tools a go.


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