JPL Flavour Technologies Choose Limely

6 June 2019| Post by Charlotte2 minutes

Say hello to our latest client, JPL Flavours! We thought we’d introduce them to you and let you know the lowdown on what we’ll be achieving together.

Through our dedicated hard work, skills and general awesomeness, we have a good number of swish websites that we’ve created with our client’s brand in mind. Recently, JPL Flavours have put their brand and old site in the trusted hands of Limely to assist them with a modern make-over.

To start with, who are JPL Flavours?

JPL Flavours is a unique company, to say the least. A family run business and self-proclaimed ‘Flavour House’, JPL works hard in their labs creating new and interesting flavours for brands in the food and drinks industry, including confectionery and even e-liquids. Before we start comparing it to Willy Wonka’s Factory, there’s a lot more serious business behind it. In top-of-the-range labs that house the best and latest equipment, JPL Flavour’s boffins conjure up flavour concentrates for your favourite sweets, drinks and foods. Always making sure they are safe, ethical and most of all, delicious.

What will be Limely be doing?

After having a good briefing with those at JPL Flavours, Limely is going to be designing and developing a brand spanking new WordPress site which rightly represents the fantastic and professional service that JPL provides – all whilst showcasing their amazing family orientated dynamic. Their new site will provide amazing UI and UX; encouraging lead generation and consequently, the opportunity for new customers. All to ensure that JPL is reaping the benefits of an effective ecommerce platform.

We are all very excited to get started! Stick around for updates 👀

If you’d like to get in on this web development action for your brand, click here to get started with Limely!


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