Jaunty Goat Goes Live!

12 December 2019| Post by Niko3 minutes


So much work has gone into making the best site for this Chester icon, and we’re so excited to show you the result

When Jaunty Goat approached us wanting to take their iconic company online – well we were chuffed. Through a Limely and Jaunty collaboration, we’ve achieved an online space which brings the true style of their coffee shop from the high street to the web, as well as a small online store in which enables anyone to sample the ways of the goat.

It’s been great to work with such visionaries and we’re so excited to announce that the Jaunty Goat site, as well as their online shop, is now live. With that said, let’s take a seat, delicately sip on our smooth flat white and take a second to take a look at what we’ve achieved!

First off, a bit of Background

If you’re a lover of an excellently brewed cup of joe, and often frequent the historic streets of Chester, we’re sure that you have either heard of or visited Jaunty Goat. With not one, but two coffee shops in Chester city centre, owner Patrick White has brought his passion for speciality coffee and brewing to the high street, showing every visitor what caffeine excellence should look and taste like.

With not only high-quality coffee on the menu, Jaunty Goat also offers up a delicious menu of brunchy goodness within a cool, calm and collected atmosphere inspired by Scandinavian stylings. Both Jaunty Goats, consisting of the one found on Bridge Street and the one found on Northgate Street, ooze an essence of sophistication and quality.

Website Wizardry, WordPress and WooCommerce

To achieve the sleek website that we built, we took to implementing our modern and simplistic designs to WordPress. With an evergrowing business such as Jaunty Goat, it was vital that we utilised WordPress’ customisable capabilities as it would allow the site to flux and grow with the company. And thanks to its easy editing features, we were able to pass the knowledge onto those at Jaunty so they could edit and update their site with ease.

In terms of their online shop, using WordPress also allowed us to use WooCommerce as a plug-in to integrate an efficient and easy to use online shop in which Jaunty could upload their products for users to purchase.

Applying fresh designs, we created a platform where Jaunty Goat could implement their beautiful photography which would be used as one of the main focal points of the site; keeping their high-street coffee shop at the forefront of the user’s minds. It made the online space a true representation of Jaunty Goat’s notable style, as well as a place in which can help the caffeine connoisseurs to spread their business further.

Go and take a look at the site yourself!

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