Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for 2021?

21 December 2020| Post by Paul5 minutes

Paul Gregory


We’ve nearly made it guys. There are only a few weeks left of 2020!

That said, we’re sadly aware that things aren’t going to snap back to normal when the clock hits 00:00 on New Year’s Eve.

Although the effects of the pandemic are still going to be impacting our lives, it won’t stop the usual events taking place. A new year means another round of Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and all the other annual traditions that cause increased consumer activity and an impact on ecommerce.

And yes, that all seems so far away but there is no harm in identifying what retail events are going to affect your online business the most and making sure that you and your website are ready to handle the increased footfall. But what do you exactly need to be preparing for?

We’re going to be looking at the first half of 2021 to see what your ecommerce business needs to start thinking about.


  • January Sales

As the festive season dies down, many retailers get ready to sell their seasonal stock, as well as promote special January sales. If this comes into accordance with your business, it’s time to identify what products you might want to put on sale and how you’re going to advertise your discounts.

  • Dry January

A period where some try to stay away from alcohol for the entire month, this calls for a lot of marketing and focus on alcohol alternatives and mocktails for food/grocery based retailers, and perhaps the spread of content that refers to the health benefits of reduced alcohol consumption and information about the event itself.

  • Veganuary

A time where people try to stick to eating vegan for the whole of January, here you could promote any vegan products that you have alongside themed marketing and content surrounding veganism. This could include blog posts, as well as social media and email marketing to draw attention to your seasonal offers.


  • Chinese New Year

From themed marketing and designs to informative and specialised content, Chinese New Year could also call for the promotion of certain foods, particularly for food retailers.

  • Valentine’s Day

One of the biggest retail events of the year, many ecommerce companies, big and small, take this time to truly get into the spirit. With loved up designs and special Valentine’s day promotions, there is so much your business can do to funnel the stream of increased online footfall their way. We even wrote a blog post about it – click here to have a look!


  • Spring

Spring is full of different events in which your ecommerce site can get involved in and take advantage of the increased spending. Click here to view our blog post on how you can get your marketing strategy ready for Spring!

  • Mother’s Day

With many scrambling to get their Mother’s the perfect gift, this can be your chance to let your customer’s know that your online store is the place to be. With opportunities for Mother’s Day marketing, themed designs and content, you can use this time to really boost your business’ success.


  • Easter

Pastel colours, hot cross buns and the one and only easter bunny – Easter brings about ample opportunity for your online business to get into the spirit with designs, marketing and content, all helping to make users aware that your site is the place to be for all their Easter needs.


  • Bank Holidays

Who knows whether things will be back to normal for when the Spring bank holidays come around, but either way, a focus can be placed on providing the means for the best Bank Holiday ever through product promotions or even content that informs you on how to enjoy a safe and socially distanced day off with your loved ones.


  • Father’s Day

Same as Mother’s Day, there are usually certain products of focus and themed designs for Father’s Day that have been found to effectively attract users every year. Do your research and adapt your ecommerce accordingly to benefit from this time of increased spending. Check out our blog post for more ways you can prep your ecommerce site for Father’s Day!

  • Summer

Who knows what summer 2021 is going to be like, but nevertheless the hot weather will bring about opportunities for your online business to place focus on particular products and spread the word of all your summer offers. From content that will inform your users on how to have the best summer, to products that a hot summer’s day wouldn’t be without – your users should know to come to you for their summer online shopping.

Are you ready to get your head down and prep your ecommerce site for the first half of 2021? Be sure to keep an eye for the next instalment! In the meantime, if you need some help making your ecommerce site the best it can possibly be, come and talk to Limely today!


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