Is Using ‘Tiktok For Business’ a Good Idea Amongst the Controversy?

13 July 2020| Post by Charlotte3 minutes

You might remember a couple of blog posts ago, we explored the internet phenomenon that is TikTok

TikTok stood as the number one downloaded app of 2020, and sees millions upon millions of visits a day. It was its mind-blowing shot to fame that urged Limely to explore whether its large audiences and increased levels of user activity meant that businesses should be using it to boost their social media marketing.

With that said, TikTok has recently found themselves in some hot water amongst issues surrounding privacy, security concerns and inappropriate content. India announced not too long ago that they have banned the app, and there is talk of America following suit. So, it’s safe to say that at this current moment, TikTok isn’t as popular as it has been in the past.

Amongst the controversy, Tiktok has been promoting their latest project TikTok For Business; an ad platform made to provide companies with the ability to create campaigns and effectively market on this popular app. This brand new ad platform invites businesses from all over the world to benefit from TikTok’s algorithm and international audience; providing hints, tips and tricks surrounding content creation, app understanding and audience targeting. The Ads Manager dashboard allows content creators to review and manage their activity, as well as access video templates, editing tools and the ability to display custom videos amongst the app’s regular content.

TikTok themselves say:

“The global availability of TikTok’s self-serve advertising solutions gives marketers the tools to tap into the creativity of the TikTok community, reach new audiences and optimize their marketing campaigns with an easy-to-use platform.”

Through this platform, Tiktok has made it easier than ever for businesses to engage with their audience on a level they’ve never experienced before. By using this platform that has been specifically designed to help create TikTok marketing content, businesses can now fully utilise the app’s stance in mainstream culture with the full support and guidance from TikTok themselves – ensuring it is being used its maximum potential.

TikTok goes on to explain:

“More and more brands are realizing TikTok’s unique ability to reach and engage with a broader audience, and today’s launch of new advertising solutions for SMBs makes it seamless, easy, and efficient for all brands to now meaningfully connect with the TikTok community.”

In spite of still remaining one of the most popular apps out there, the current headlines surrounding their suspected breaches of privacy and other concerns that are dragging its reputation through the mud are putting users off. This, as well as India and potentially American completely banning its presence has the potential to substantially knock its success and audience. So, despite its current stance in mainstream culture that may seem appealing to your business’s marketing strategy, maybe TikTok for Business has come at a bad time.

Social media marketing should be adapted to reach the biggest audience possible, and gain as much traction for your business as possible – hence why TikTok’s new ad platform might seem like such a good idea. But amongst the current controversy that is set to just worse, is it worth the risk?

What do you think? Will this be a move you’re business will make? 

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