Introducing Host – The Zoom Horror Film

27 August 2020| Post by Charlotte2 minutes

As if Zoom calls weren’t daunting enough…

You’ve heard it time and time again but when looking back on 2020, you just can’t help but express how crazy it’s all been! And as the whole world has attempted to adapt with new normals and a more distanced society, it was no surprise that it’s had a huge cultural impact.

We’ve seen lockdown memes, lockdown music videos, socially distancing celebrity interviews and now, we have a lockdown movie. But not just any movie; horror writers Jed Shepard, Gemma Hurley and Rob Savage have put a horrifying spin on our mundane Zoom calls. Get ready for, Host.

What is it about?

Released back in July, this small film has been making headlines for its spooky take on the lockdown and the Zoom calls that have been keeping us in touch with our families and friends. Host takes place solely over Zoom, and allows the viewer to watch and listen to a call between a group of friends who are all abiding by the guidelines and staying at home. Sound familiar?

Trying to liven up their Zoom calls, instead of organising a quiz like the rest of us, they decide to conduct a séance (because they’re always a good idea). As they attempt to contact spirits, we watch terrifying events unfold as they remain on Zoom. *eek*

According to interviews with the filmmakers, the film itself was filmed on Zoom and was a product of lockdown boredom. The director states:

‘“There’s something very detached about the whole thing. We made it sitting in our homes via Zoom and it’s been released while we’re still sitting in our homes and talking to people via Zoom.”

A unique method of making a film, this could change film making as we know it, especially as we settle down into our new normal. Either way, combining the ‘paranormal’ with a life that all of us can relate to sends shivers down the spine.

Where can you watch it?

Host is available to watch now! You can find it on Shudder via Amazon Prime.

In the meantime, you can find the trailer below!

Grab the popcorn and get watching! If you dare…

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