International Women’s Day Takes Over the Web!

8 March 2018| Post by Graham4 minutes


Firstly, we want to say a big happy International Women’s Day to our female clients and colleagues! It’s a pleasure to work with such talented women and see them flourish everyday.

As our area of expertise is in all things web and digital, it seemed like a no-brainer that we should combine these two things together in a blog post. Obviously, there are plenty of amazing women in the tech industry and there have been many blog posts published highlighting some of these (including this one about female designers and this one about female innovators). However,¬† we want to take a look at how International Women’s Day has taken over the web. Here’s to 24 hours of social media trends, blog posts, news articles and video content all dedicated to the achievements of women!

International Women’s Day on the web

It’s always exciting to see a positive social movement. However, in the digital age there’s even more momentum to be built and even more scope to cover. Of course, being so exposed across a global network means criticism has more of a platform. But we’re not going to focus on that! Let’s take a look at some of the cool things happening online today.

Google Doodles

Whenever there is a global event or celebration, we can count on Google to create an interactive Doodle. Today is no different. For IWD, Google have put together an animated banner which leads to a menu. On this menu, you can click through and explore the work of 12 amazing female artists. According to Google, their artwork is a “visual narrative”¬†that explores each artists’ personal stories and significant events in their lives as women.

#IWD2018 on Twitter

As always, there’s a hashtag to use on Twitter for today’s celebrations. Is it really a significant event there’s not a trending hashtag? Well, yes, but it’s pretty rare these days that anything can happen without being noticed by Twitter. In fact, the top three trending topics in the UK are all dedicated to today’s celebrations. If you take a look at the Trends section, you’ll see #IWD2018, #internationalwomensday2018 and #PressForProgress. Here are some of our favourites tweets that have been making use of #IWD2018!

Youtube’s logo and featured content

Well, it’s not a hugely bold statement but they’ve at least got involved somehow. Today, the video-sharing platform have changed their logo and created a ‘featured’ section for female creators’ content. Here, you can see they’ve chosen to highlight videos from British vloggers Louise Pentland, Inthefrow and Grace Victory. There’s a good share of music videos too. In particular, Youtube have featured pop sensations Little Mix and Dua Lipa.

Wikipedia’s homepage

Today, the world’s ‘free encyclopedia’ has dedicated its homepage to International Women’s Day. We’ve been treated to a featured article about American feminist activist Louise Bryant, a list of ‘Did you know’ facts about women and a featured picture of a painting of Ruby Loftus – an industrial worker in World War 2.

IMDB’s ‘Rated by Women’

The global online movie database has released a very special list today. According to the website, they’ve collated a list of the top 200 movies and the top 200 TV programmes based on rankings from women only. It’s pretty random but quite a nice idea, too. Yay for female opinions!

The Guardian’s live feed

Over on The Guardian’s website, the news team have curated a dedicated section to International Women’s Day. Essentially, you’ll find a news-based live stream and is being updated regularly as we speak! From protest stories to political articles, we’re also shown a timeline of what is happening today all over the globe.

So, what have we missed?

Of course, if there are any other cool features on the web that you’ve spotted, let us know! As always, you can get in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to join in any discussions and see what we’re getting up to.


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