Have You Seen Instagram’s Cool New Features?

24 October 2017| Post by Niko2 minutes


Personality-driven brands swear by it, the Stories feature is crushing Snapchat and it’s becoming the go-to tool for content marketers. Let’s catch up on October’s Instagram updates.

If you’ve updated your Instagram recently, you might be aware of some of these features. However, if you’re not a regular user of Stories (you should be!) you may be missing out on some. So, we’re going to round-up all of the coolest Insta updates this month.

 Colour pickers

This one will please the designers out there. Instagram has installed a Photoshop-style colour picker, which enables you to customise the colour of your text or drawing tool. The colours are drawn from the image you’re uploading to your story – simply move the dropper tool around the screen to find the colour you’d like to go with. Here, we’ve matched our text to the partition wall and the cushion:

Polling stickers

This one is great for boosting engagement with your audience! You can select the ‘Poll’ sticker in the same way you’d add a Location or Time sticker. Then, customise the question and two answers. You can view the results in real-time as your viewers click on their favourite choice! Of course, it’ll help you make those all-important decisions of which afternoon coffee to go with…

Alignment tools

This one isn’t the MOST exciting, but it will strike a chord with any perfectionists. Instagram has simply added in an alignment grid to help you polish up your Stories. Basically, blue lines appear and guide you to correctly centre any stickers or text you wish to place on the image. It’ll help you to ensure that your masterpiece is fully visible to viewers and not covered up or hidden off the screen.

What do you think?

So, which is your favourite? The most talked-about is obviously the polling feature, but we shouldn’t dismiss the colour picker tool which was definitely overdue. We’re hoping these new updates will help brands and businesses really make the most of branding and content marketing opportunities on the app. However, we’d love Instagram to take note of what their users are asking for next time… bring back chronological order on the feed!


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