How to Throw the Best Zoom Office Christmas Party

16 November 2020| Post by Matt3 minutes


Lockdown is due to end on December 2nd, but our Christmas traditions are still set to be far from normal.

And one Christmas tradition that many of us can relate to, if not look forward to every year, is the office Christmas party. It’s a time where for, just a short while, work is put to one side and you and your colleagues can not only get into the festive spirit but have a well-deserved break. And with Christmas parties joining the very, very long list of things COVID-19 has ruined in 2020, we’ve been left to think to think of some alternatives which obviously won’t be as fun, but will bring a smile to everyone’s faces – especially after how this year has treated us.

So, with that said, we thought we’d bring to you our top tips on how you can throw a great Zoom Office Christmas party to boost that morale and bring in the festive spirit!

– Create a collaborative playlist

It’s only just gone November but, why should we leave the excitement till next month? You can now start working on a Christmas party playlist that all of you can stick on whilst you wait for the Host to start the ‘meeting’. Thanks to Spotify’s collaborative feature, all of the office can chip in and add their favourite tunes to eventually end up with a rockin’ playlist that caters to everyone’s tastes. Hopefully, only one person will stick ‘All I Want For Christmas is You’  in there.

– Organise quizzes and games

From the two national lockdown’s we’ve lived through, we’re all pretty much experts at throwing together a Zoom pub quiz. So, why the heck not to finish off the year, have one big festive Zoom quiz to kick off your party! The planning of a knock-out quiz, Christmas bingo or any other festive game has to begin well before December, so get crackin’!

– Creative Invitations

Let’s make things official! You create online invitations which will jazz up a usual invite from Google Calendar. Get festive, get creative and make it something that’s impossible to say no to.

– Dress for the occasion!

If you’re anything like the Limely team, it’s been leggings, tracksuit bottoms and hoodies since March. So, when it comes to your Zoom Christmas party, why not go the whole hog and whip on your glad rags! Really, you only have to dress up the top half of you so it will take half the time, and it will really help bring the party feel to your Zoom call. Anyone got any face glitter handy?

– Get a drink in

A great Christmas party isn’t complete without a festive tipple! Whether you want something to knock your socks off or boozy ain’t really your style, you can still get into the spirit with fun cocktails and mocktails! Whip out the fancy glasses and you’ll be feeling like you’re not sat in your living room in no time.

Click here to view some Festive drink ideas!

– Secret Santa reveal

And of course, it’s not an office Christmas party without a secret Santa reveal! With a little help from Santa’s sleigh (otherwise known as the Royal Mail) your gifts can be sent straight to the door of your selected person, and the final reveal can take place amongst the online celebrations. If you’re wondering how on earth you can draw names out of the hat to decide who gets who then not to worry, DrawNames has your back!

And that’s that! Be sure to let us know if any of our tips helped you organise your own Zoom Office Christmas party by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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