How to Prepare your Homepage for Black Friday

13 November 2019| Post by Adam5 minutes


Is your homepage ready to draw in those bargain hunters?

During this time of retail madness, your ecommerce site needs to be in top form. We recently discussed a couple of pointers on how to make sure that your site is prepared for the upcoming retail events, but in this article, we thought we’d bring a particular focus on your homepage.

Your homepage is one of the most important pages on your site. It’s your digital storefront in which holds your brand, your general style and all your best bits. It draws users in through its design and it’s attractive buttons – urging your customers to delve in further. But with Black Friday coming up on the 29th November, how can you adapt your ecommerce homepage to effectively seduce bargain hunters amongst the shopping craze?

Black Friday?

We can thank our mates over the pond for Black Friday. It’s been common practice in the US for avid shoppers to rush to the shops the day after Thanksgiving to take advantage of price slashes and discounts and as we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here in the UK, Black Friday was not something we associated with.

However, it wasn’t long before global retailers like Amazon and Walmart wanted to bring the craze to the UK in order to reap the benefits of this time of increased spending. In 2013, Walmart brought Black Friday to its British cousin Asda, and we have seen it bleed into the world of global ecommerce ever since. Last year, Amazon stated that 2018’s Black Friday was one of the busiest days in their history. So how do we transfer this success to your ecommerce site?

Well, we’ve got a few ideas.

Exclusive Deals and Promotions

People are so attracted to Black Friday because of the mega exclusive sales and promotions that many brands splash across the homepage. Well, this is a good and pretty obvious place to start!

But the knack is in choosing the right promotion and discount for your company and your clientele – one that would look at home on the storefront of your site, drawing in those bargain hunters. In thinking that you’ve already got some Black Friday preparation under your belt, you’ll be able to decipher how much of a discount you can show off. This calls for a look at your expenses so you can conclude the biggest and best discount for you to successfully make a mark on the event.

According to research,  the most popular form of discount to implement during Black Friday is a percentage or cash amount. Now, to be worth placing it smack back in the middle of your homepage, these have to be some substantial discounts. We’re talking 50-75% and £10-£20 off your usual prices for it to be something worth shouting about! Displayed loud and proud on your homepage, as well as on any additional marketing, these will easily engage users to click further and scope out those bargains.

Flawless Navigation

Your homepage not only has to be a pleasure to look at, but an absolute dream to use. We don’t want raging Black Friday users quitting your site, frustrated that they can’t quickly locate those amazing discounts that you’re so expertly displaying on your homepage. With that said, stats show that 80% of users will leave a site if navigation tools such as the search function, don’t efficiently take them to where they want to be.

So, as we approach the big day, it’s important to ensure that your homepage provides a great first-hand experience and swiftly takes the user where they want to go. This may call for a detailed search function, specialised buttons, as well as an easily accessible shopping cart, being applied straight to your homepage.

With ecommerce sites, navigation is a lot more straight forward as users, more often than enough, know exactly why they’re there and what they want to see (which certainly applies during this season of increased spending). But this just makes it even more imperative to make sure that your homepage allows your products to be found within just a couple of clicks.

Seasonal Designs

Just as we usually decorate our homepage’s for Christmas, you shouldn’t hold back from doing the same for Black Friday. Just as the high street stores do around this time, it’s a great idea to start plastering your exclusive deals and promotions across your homepage, painted with the iconic ‘sale’ red and other colours which effectively alert your users that something special is going on. This can also be applied to specialised headers which can inform those that might not be aware of Black Friday of your special offers, as well as pop-ups and posts on external platforms like social media.

Featured Products

Exclusive Black Friday deals are a big, well, deal – especially when they’re a rarity on your ecommerce site. When it comes to consumers, exclusivity is a great aspect to play on when trying to entice their custom, so in this instance, it would be a great idea to feature some of your best-discounted products straight on your homepage. This not only makes for great navigation as one-click will take the user to where they want to go, but it also encourages users to delve in further.

Black Friday occurs on the 29th November, so make sure you’re ready!

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