How to Get Your Online Store Ready for Halloween

29 September 2020| Post by Charlotte4 minutes

We’re nearing the end of September and a wintry chill is nipping at your nose…

You know what that means – spooky season is on the horizon! 🎃

And like every other world-wide event that causes increased spending, Halloween provides your ecommerce business with the opportunity to get into the spirit and take advantage of the surge of sales caused by customers looking to truly celebrate all things spooky.

But how do you go about making your customers a-scare… we mean aware that they can find everything they need for Halloween right there on your website? Well, it’s time to whip out the pumpkins and start stretching out those cobwebs as we’re going to give you 4 ways you can spook up your online store and get it ready for Halloween 2020.

Petrifying promotions

As the big day approaches and your customers are scurrying around to get the best bits, why not help them out a little with some Halloween themed promotions?

We’re thinking something along the lines of spooky discount codes, promotions surrounding appropriate products and even Halloween sales that end at the witching hour. No matter what you decide to do, just ensure you push focus onto your Halloweeny promotions as they highlight their exclusivity and make customers more likely to want to snap them up whilst they still can. It can also help you SEO wise as your Halloween promotions can rank alongside your competitors as users search for the best Halloween deals.

‘If you dare’ designs

A new retail event also calls for some new, temporary designs to truly get into the spirit! Halloween themed designs that involve all your favourite, traditional characters like ghosts, ghouls and pumpkins, can be applied to your homepage, product page or even your blog area.

Facebook’s previous Halloween designs

This not only will help make your customers aware of your participation in the festivities but will demonstrate your attention to detail, customer experience, your online presence and your fun and quirky side. They’ll work in your favour to impress customers and urge them to use your store for their Halloweeny needs.

Creepy content

To provide the perfect accompaniment to your new spooky designs, you will need some truly creepy content. This can include content for Halloweeny pop-ups, Halloween landing pages or even specialised blog articles that can provide your audience with the scary content they need to get in the spooky mood.

Not only does this help with your temporary festive theme, but it boosts your SEO as your content joins trending search results caused by customers flooding to the internet to source the best Halloween products. To truly benefit from the increased spending around this time, it would be a good idea to conduct keyword research to identify what particular Halloween words and phrases are currently trending so you can utilise them in your themed content and funnel avid Halloweeners straight to your site.

A ‘How to have a great socially distanced Halloween’ probably wouldn’t go amiss. 🤔

Monstrous marketing

Amongst your adaptations, you’ll also need to get your Halloween marketing on point. With COVID-19 still affecting the world and many regular plans and other celebrations put on pause, Halloween 2020 might be looking a little different, but that doesn’t mean people can’t celebrate safely and according to the current guidelines. And this should be taken into account when deciding on what you will be focusing on in terms of marketing in order to encourage a safe Halloween.

What should also be taken into account is the recurring products that customers purchase every Halloween and make waves in ecommerce statistics. According to research, Brits are looking to spend a whopping £29.2 million on Halloween, spends of which will be mainly used on sweets, costumes, decorations and of course, pumpkins.

If any of those products relate or can be related to your stock, then right there is the best place to start with your marketing. Your product focus and execution can be focused on a variety of platforms like social media, via email or even on your site, to ensure your reaching a wide audience and letting everyone know that your online store is the place to be this Halloween.

Are you looking to whip up your WordPress, create some monstrous magic on Magento or spookify your Shopify? Come and talk to Limely, we’ll have your back to ensure your business is performing as it should this Halloween. 


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