How to Bring the Festive Cheer to Your Email Marketing

19 November 2020| Post by Paul4 minutes

Paul Gregory


As the festive seasons fastly approaches, the importance of a bangin’ marketing strategy increases!

With it being the number one retail event of the year, you are guaranteed to receive some online footfall, with everyone and their mum on the hunt for that perfect Christmas gift. But that doesn’t mean you need to take your marketing down a notch – it’s quite the opposite!

With your users going here, there and everywhere for their Christmas shopping, you need to work at showing them why they need to come to you and not your competitors for the best deals and products. And one way you can do this is through strategic and attentive email marketing that is equipped with a necessary Christmas twist to let your targeted customers know that you’re in on the festive spirit. But what’s the best way to do so?

Get Designing

What better way to optimise your email marketing for Christmas than adorning it with some festive-themed designs! And since Christmas is so laden in tradition, you should already know the exact kinda thing we’re talking about. With festive colours, characters and objects taking over your usual borders, images and animations – you can go crazy with transforming your brand and making your email recipients aware that your online store is here for them this Christmas.

Christmas Promos

In order to treat your existing customers as well as pull in the crowd at this time guaranteed increased spending, you should start thinking about any Christmas specific discounts and promotions you can apply to your products. With every user looking for the best Christmas bargain, well-marketed offers and deals will engage users, be a great addition to your SEO strategy and allow you to demonstrate your top-notch shopping experience which will have them coming back after the festive season.

Featured Products

Every year, there are certain products that are guaranteed to be popular amongst Christmas shoppers and they will differ for each individual business. There will also be products/gifts that will be generally trending amongst the masses which will give other online stores a little idea of what to focus on.

Once you have a good grip on what is going to be popular this year both in general and on your specific shop, you can decide which products you’re going to feature on your site during the build-up to the holidays. These products can be featured within your email content and can be used alongside a link or promo code to draw the user to your site.

Quirky Content

Your marketing techniques and strategic content can be applied to every aspect of your email, from the subject line, the snippet and your initial content. And if your marketing team is on the ball, then your email recipients should be engaged before they’ve even opened the email.

With it being Christmas and all, your content can also be optimised to adapt to the festive cheer and draw in those Christmas shoppers. Don’t be afraid to include festive emojis, puns and other creative quips to bring a smile to your user and let them know why exactly they should be shopping with you this Christmas.

CTA links

A great marketing email is nothing without strategically placed CTA links and buttons. There would be no point sending all this great Christmas content to your customer’s inbox without giving them the means to go straight to your website so they can take you up on your intriguing Christmas offers. And since this is a marketing email, you don’t have to be stingy on the links.

You can pop them under your featured products, your initial content or even alongside your promo code so when it comes to taking you up on your offers, there’s no messing about. Don’t be afraid to add some Christmas flair to these too!

So, are you ready to draw in Christmas shoppers with your email marketing? If you’re still feeling a bit lost, contact Limely today and we’ll set you on the right path for a successful, sales-filled festive period!


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