How Our Creative Writer Stays Focused

16 September 2019| Post by Matt3 minutes


In the house of Limely, you’ll find our very own Creative Writer Charlotte whittling away at blog posts, web content, social media posts and scribbling down her ideas.

She knows more than anyone that it’s very easy to lose your head, especially as things get busy. Here’s what she had to say about staying focused whilst writing.

Do Your Research

Creative writing means adorning different voices to effectively churn out engaging and relevant content to suit each client’s needs. Basically, I need to know what I’m talking about.

This means research – and lots of it. Thorough research is needed to make sure you are slipping nicely into the client’s shoes to ensure that you’re creating the best possible content for them. And, you shouldn’t be afraid to converse with your client to get an even better feel for their company. It’s all about replicating their style as best as you can, whilst using words to engage and sometimes attract their users.

Spread Out Your Projects

Each client requires my divided attention. But there comes a time where deadlines collide and things seem to be piling on top of each other. It’s very easy to lose my cool but it’s even easier to avoid unnecessary stress by sitting back and effectively planning and staggering work. Maybe 500 words for one project here, 400 words there. Allow strategic planning to make life easier, as good work does not come out of a stressed mindset. Copywriting is first and foremost a creative process which works well with careful structure and planning.

Try not to Over Read

Reading through your work is an imperative step in writing. It helps check for clarity, as well as potential spelling and grammar mistakes. However, over reading your work is a common occurrence in the writing biz and has the potential to throw a spanner in the works. I try to read my work a maximum of three times, without any distractions. Any more and I begin to overanalyse, and that can cause you to waste precious time. If I get to that magic number and there’s still doubt, I get another member of the team to read it with a fresh pair of eyes.

Have Faith In Your Ability

In the creative sector, it’s very easy to question yourself and your ability, especially when things get messy. I often have to have a quick word with myself and give a little pep talk. Having faith in your skills, and most importantly yourself is crucial in keeping moving and producing good work. Sometimes you’ve just got to take a second to say “You’ve got this, you are good at what you do”. It’s amazing what you can do in a positive frame of mind.

Take a Break

Overworking yourself is just going to result in reduced concentration, the inability to think straight and work that does not reflect the skill you KNOW you have. At Limely, we take breaks very seriously as we know how crucial they are for creating our usual high-quality work. Our breaks usually consist of something that keeps the brain active, like darts, pool or a cheeky game of table tennis. This allows us to take long enough breaks that distract us for a bit, so we can return to our desks with a fresh mind. Plus, we’re a competitive lot so we have a jolly good time. 😎

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