How Might Reopening the Shops Impact Ecommerce?

24 June 2020| Post by Niko4 minutes


Due to the government’s latest revisions to the lockdown, many non-essential shops have begun to reopen

But as the majority of the nation feel hopeful as we take one step towards normality, it begs the question of what effect this may have on online shopping, as ecommerce has helped to support the retail industry during this time. It’s safe to say that those with online stores and business’ have seen a significant boost in usage and sales, a boost that has brought about both positive and negative affects.

In May, it was said that ecommerce was responsible for 33.4% of all retail sales in Great Britain, and this can be put to more of us being at home with online access, paired with the inability to buy non-essential items, like clothing, from shops on the high street.

So, with many high street shops now opening up their doors for the first time in three months, how do we think this will now impact ecommerce?

Will stats and sales revert back to normality?

Shoppers are excited to get back

With the lockdown constantly on review and non-essential, retail shops beginning to open, it’s no surprise that many of us will be excited to spend a day trawling through the city centre to get a sweet taste of how things used to be. Stats are showing that since the shops re-opened, customer footfall has rocketed by 38.8% – rightly representing those of us that have rushed to return to the high street.

This return will definitely have an impact on the recent rise in sales for ecommerce as there will now be fewer people solely relying on online shopping for their non-essential items. With many of us reverting to online shopping to replace a trip into town, our options have now broadened which will consequently alleviate the pressure felt by many online shop businesses during this time.

People avoiding delivery complications

Not one industry was untouched by the pandemic and the lockdown that ensued, including online retailers. In order to adapt to depleting teams and new health and safety guidelines, online shops have had to review their delivery systems and methods. This has resulted in delayed deliveries and other complications for customers.

Thanks to plenty of information and disclaimers released by online shops, we have become accustomed to these new changes. But with shops now reopening, these issues will become obsolete as more of us may opt for highstreet shopping for quick purchases and to avoid delivery complications.

People are leaving home and returning to work

We can expect a definite decrease in online usage simply due to the fact that thanks to shops opening, many people will be returning to work. With the reopening of non-essential shops, it means retail workers and other employees will be leaving their laptops behind and returning to the high street.

Or will things stay the same?

Some are apprehensive to return

It cannot be said that feelings are mutual across the nation about the easing of lockdown restrictions. There still will be some of us that are apprehensive to dive right back into normality due to fears of contamination or even a second wave. This could mean that people will stick to the safety and convenience of online shopping, instead of venturing out onto the highstreet.

Shops still abiding by strict preventative rules and methods

Yes, non-essential shops are beginning to reopen, but on a condition that they abide by strict preventative regulations. This includes limited numbers in shops, keeping your distance and one way systems. These methods are there to keep us safe whilst we return to the streets and also act as a reminder that things aren’t back to normal quite just yet. With that said, to avoid this many of us may stick with what we’ve become accustomed to and continue to shop online in order to avoid in-store measures.

People content with adapted online shopping services

As previously mentioned, in the 3 months that we have remained on lockdown, many online businesses have adapted well to this new ‘normal’. This has meant making sure that customers are constantly informed, updated and kept happy amongst a very unpredictable time when it comes to ordering and delivery.

This has been done through focused marketing, homepage adaptations, and accessible content in order to prevent any detrimental dips in customer service. And so far, customers have adapted and become accustomed and understanding of any expected delays or hiccups caused by COVID – keeping their business aimed at online stores for convenience and safety.

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